Tenda Introduces FH456 High Power Wi-Fi Router

Tenda Introduces FH456 High Power Wi-Fi Router

We all have a basic router in our homes, which we presume to offer seamless connectivity throughout each room in our house. But we overlook the foremost villain in this procedure ‘The wall’.

Yes, walls act as a hindrance linking your Router and your device (if it is situated in another room). Recognizing this dilemma, Tenda has come up with a High Power Router having a moniker FH456, Tenda FH456 300Mbps High-Power WiFi Router flaunts 4x5dBi high-performance omni-directional external antennas with signal PA(Power Amplifier) and LNA(Low Noise Amplifier) technologies make sure that you get active, solid and wide range WiFi even when you are relaxing two rooms away from your router.

Regular tasks such as web-browsing, e-mail, online-chatting to the bandwidth intensive tasks such as Online gaming, HD video streaming all can be done flawlessly with FH456.

 Tenda makes sure that their routers can offer healthy E-life to the customer by its Smart timer management which saves you from the hassle to 'On and Off' your router from time to time. Instead, Set your ideal time range, FH456 will operate your order smartly resulting to low-power consumption. Tenda also believes that Chip to the router is, what heart is to human.

FH456 frames in the most advanced Broadcom chip to ensure the unexceptionable compatibility and stability.

With all the functions pumped in, FH456 was given a touch of aestheticism to it, it acts like a home ornament which you can exhibit, whenever guest visit your home. The router makes sure that it can be used as well as admired.

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