“With Our Current Robust Strategy, We Are Poised To Achieve Yet Another Year Of Double-Digit Growth”

“With Our Current Robust Strategy, We Are Poised To Achieve Yet Another Year Of Double-Digit Growth”

In the dynamic landscape of IT distribution, the escalating demand for a diverse array of IT products and services across multiple sectors has fueled intense competition among industry leaders striving for market supremacy. At the forefront of this evolution is Savex Technologies, currently standing as the largest ICT distributor in India. Renowned for its extensive range of cutting-edge products and solutions, Savex Technologies is committed to empowering tech brands to flourish in the ever-expanding Indian market.

In a recent interview, Mr. Atul Gaur, the Director of Savex Technologies, engaged in a conversation with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor at DT, shedding light on the company's innovative offerings, strategic partnerships, and promising growth prospects. Dive into the comprehensive discussion below to gain valuable insights into Savex Technologies' pivotal role in shaping the future of IT distribution in India.

Rajeev: How do you see the growth of Savex in year 2023?

Atul Gaur: Savex Technologies is a partner-led company. We are the largest distribution house in India as we have great support from our partners. They are our real strength, even with the brand with whom we are partnered have excellent products and solutions. With our current robust strategy, we are poised to achieve yet another year of double-digit growth, confidently propelling ourselves forward. Especially when we are experiencing commendable growth across both consumer and enterprise segments.

Rajeev: How is Savex helping its partners with all kind of solutions for different segments?

Atul Gaur: Since we have multiple enterprise solutions, we recently did an activity called 'Savex Talks'. We took it to eight cities in the country and invited partners from upcoming tier two cities and the partners joined us. We shared a lot of solutions with them and it was a pleasant surprise for us that many partners in those markets wanted to get involved but had very little knowledge about the technology available from House of Savex. Our OEMs are also very excited and they are all insisted us to repeat it again. We take these solutions to various end customers across the country through our partner community.

Rajeev: Can you provide insights into the distinctive initiatives Savex has introduced in the IT distribution market?

Atul Gaur: There are two new things we'll be launching next month for the partner community. The first thing is that we are launching 'My Cloud' and it is very unique solution for our partners. Savex has invested heavily in large infrastructure across data centers and end-to-end connectivity solutions. We are branding this entire cloud and any of our partners can brand it as their own cloud and take it forward. This is a very interesting proposition because partners have always been concerned that when they sign up a customer to the cloud, usually the customer moves to the hyperscaler and they lose their customer. The beauty of 'My Cloud' is that all customers will remain on their cloud.

It's a private cloud so they can design and offer the services they want, the products they want to launch, the prices they want to offer, but entirely on Savex Infra and we don’t charge them except infra cost. This brings a lot of value to our partners and they can offer a lot of services and solutions to their customers. They can also see live consumption, they can have credit limits, they can switch on and switch off and everything is going to be live. This is a very interesting solution and is currently in pilot phase. The full-fledged launch is coming up shortly.

We are a big partner of Microsoft and we want to grow Microsoft's business very strongly in the country so we are launching another platform which is a portal for all our partners. Partners can experience live provisioning, whether for our services or AWS, by visiting our portal. This platform offers comprehensive visibility to our partners, encompassing consumption, billing, and credit lines, providing them with access to crucial information. With a range of OEMs, it serves as a one-stop solution for partners to register, provide details, and initiate live provisioning. This innovative offering from Savex is set to captivate the community, showcasing another compelling facet from the House of Savex.

Rajeev: How do you look at the opportunities in the market currently?

Atul Gaur: The prospects are vast, with each OEM actively exploring opportunities in the generative AI space. Microsoft, for instance, has introduced Co-Pilot, an AI application integrated into every product, reflecting their substantial investment in artificial intelligence. Security vendors are also delving into the application of AI in SIM solutions, aiming to identify and address significant cybersecurity threats effectively. This evolving phase of the business promises to be highly engaging, and our close collaboration with various OEMs positions us at the forefront of these advancements, a factor that will undoubtedly resonate with many of our partners.

Rajeev: How do you see the recent collaborations with Kaspersky and Zoho?

Atul Gaur: Kaspersky, a renowned market leader in the cybersecurity domain, provides exceptional offerings for diverse verticals seeking to fortify their infrastructure. With outstanding solutions spanning from endpoints, we are enthusiastic about expanding their presence on a broader scale in the country. From the perspective of our partner community, engaging with Kaspersky presents an opportunity for substantial margins as well. The enticing prospects in this space have garnered significant interest, with many eager to capitalize on and leverage these advantages.

When we see Zoho, they are an Indian billion-dollar company and we are very proud to be a part of it. Zoho has already launched workflow solutions, complete smaller CRM solutions and we have already launched these to the partner community. Some of our partners have already started working for their own use and obviously, they will take it further.

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