“We Will Be Constantly Reinventing The Memory & Storage Segment to Reinforce Our Leadership”

“We Will Be Constantly Reinventing The Memory & Storage Segment to Reinforce Our Leadership”

Kingston Technology has been at the forefront of the competition with help of its flagship product range and strong distribution network in India. The brand has been developing high-performance products with significant focus on delivering enhanced experience. Tejashwar Singh, India Sales Head, Kingston Technology recently interacted with DT and shared a lot of insights about their business, growth, future plans and much more.

DT: Tell us about the new milestone of becoming No.1 in the SSD segment?

Tejashwar: As per the top analyst firm, TrendForce we are number one third-party supplier of SSDs in the channel for all of 2021. According to TrendForce, Kingston accounted for a massive 26 percent of the 127 million units shipped in 2021. It’s an honor to achieve this top ranking as Kingston celebrates its 35-year anniversary. From the beginning, Kingston’s focus and core sales strength have been with our customers and channel partners worldwide as we embody the ‘Kingston Is With You’ working attitude. We are also one of the leaders in third party USB drive market consistently. To top it all, we have received same acknowledgement in India market as we are one of the most preferred brands for our users across categories.

DT: What products do you have in the gaming product range?

Tejashwar: From mobile gaming, the people are moving towards PC gaming as they have more time in hand. Hence, especially for the gamers- we have our brand Kingston FURY. Whether it is pro-gamer seeking extreme speed and performance or gaming enthusiast looking for affordable gaming solutions, Kingston FURY can give their systems the upgrade they need and want with modules in DDR5 RGB, DDR5 non-RGB, DDR4 RGB, DDR4 non-RGB, and DDR3, as well as best in class SSDs. Moreover, not just PC gamers, we also cater to the ever-evolving needs of the notebook gamers as well. We have recently launched our Kingston FURY™ Impact DDR5 SODIMMs. The new memory product is perfect for the gamer or PC enthusiast who want the latest cutting-edge performance from their laptop or small form factor machine.

DT: Tell us about your recent product launch of Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5?

Tejashwar: We have recently launched Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 and Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB memory for extreme gamers. The Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 family is engineered to maximize the performance of the user’s PC. Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 family pushes the performance of next-gen DDR5 platforms to the extreme with ultra-fast memory up to 6400MT/s and quick CL32 timings. With premium components hand-tuned by engineers, rigorously tested for compatibility across the industry’s leading motherboards, backed by 100% factory testing at speed, and Intel® XMP 3.0 Certified, customers can enjoy the ultimate overclock experience.

DT: We want to know more about your new Kingston FURY Beast Special Edition for all the lovers of white PC set up?

Tejashwar: In celebration of Kingston’s 35th anniversary, we recently launched a new member of the pack, Kingston FURY™ Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition. Enhance not just the performance of one’s system but keep it fresh with the library of 16 preset RGB lighting effects or personalize the settings to create a look that makes your system truly one of a kind with Kingston FURY CTRL software. Kingston FURY™ Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition’s fully exposed light strip is equipped with 10 LED lightbulbs, you can trust the patented Infrared Sync Technology™ to keep your tailored RGB effects perfectly-aligned.

DT: Earlier this year, you launched your Gaming Lab? Could you please briefly let us know about it.

Tejashwar: The new Kingston FURY Gaming Lab integrates compelling gaming solutions and technology by bringing visitors an immersive experience that links Kingston FURY’s memory and storage solutions with real-life applications. Designed to personify Kingston FURY’s rebellious energy, the Gaming Lab is decorated with the brand’s signature colors, fiery red and jet black with signature heat spreader patterns throughout. The entire setup is adorned with LEDs that resemble the vibrant RGB lighting effects of the Kingston FURY range enjoyed by gamers across the world.

DT: In the coming years, what would be the focus of Kingston?

Tejashwar: We are constantly launching new products following the trends in the market and we will consistently continue introducing more upgraded products in the market. Our new range of products will cater to gamers, entrepreneurs, enterprise segment, users looking for products for work from home or education from home. We will be constantly reinventing the memory and storage segment to reinforce our leadership position across markets

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