“We Offer A Wide Range Of Value-Added Services to Provide A One-Stop Solution For Our Partners”

“We Offer A Wide Range Of Value-Added Services to Provide A One-Stop Solution For Our Partners”

Ingram Micro India's standout performance in CY 2023 is underscored by the successful introduction of Ingram Micro Xvantage, fostering a robust network connecting OEMs, partners, and cloud solutions providers nationwide. Looking forward to 2024, the emphasis is on collaboration between OEMs and distribution for growth, navigating challenges such as dynamic technology landscapes and evolving customer expectations, says Naveet Singh Bindra, Senior Vice President and Country Chief Executive, Ingram Micro India.

DT: How do you rate Ingram Micro’s performance in the CY 2023?

Navneet: It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge the fact that Ingram Micro has been contributing significantly to the digitalization of businesses across the length and breadth of the country. We launched our “digital twin” – Ingram Micro Xvantage – in CY2023 which has garnered the attention and interest of partners and OEMs alike. This experiential ecosystem has enabled us to build an expansive network of OEMs, partners, and cloud solutions providers, which is a significant milestone that helps us deliver the best technology-led business solutions to businesses even in the most remote corners. Thus, the CY 2023 has been kind so far, and we look forward to the next year to continue pushing boundaries.

DT: What expectations do you have from brands or OEMs in 2024, and do you have any advice or suggestions for fostering better mutual growth in the upcoming year?

Navneet: From what I anticipate, the year 2024 will bestow a wide range of opportunities for OEMs! To unlock these opportunities and explore new avenues of growth, the collaboration between OEMs and distribution becomes the most critical factor. It’s important to establish enhanced communication and strategic collaboration to understand market dynamics and create more responsive and tailored solutions for customers.

Establishing open channels for discussion, feedback, and knowledge-sharing will certainly pave the way for collaborative problem-solving, innovation, and agility in the overall business. Along similar lines, brands must also work towards developing more interactive skill development and knowledge-sharing programs. All these will empower us to align our strategies around promoting OEM products in different segments, identifying new areas of opportunities, and enhancing customer experience quite efficiently.

DT: What are the primary challenges anticipated for the distribution business in the coming year?

Navneet: The landscape of technology distribution is very dynamic and unpredictable! This makes it mandatory for us to be as agile and flexible as far as possible and have strategic foresight. The relentless pace of technological advancements, rapid digital transformation, increased market fragmentation, and the emergence of niche markets are some of the major challenges that can potentially compel us to revisit our strategies and approach. Apart from these, we must also be watchful of data security and privacy concerns as well as evolving customer expectations.

In short, the journey ahead seems very interesting, filled with extensive changes and emerging challenges. So, we must embrace customer-centricity, innovation, and collaboration to navigate these challenges. 

DT: How are you planning to boost your distribution network and reach out to a large set of customers in 2024?

Navneet: We have embraced a very holistic approach towards expanding our distribution network and reaching a larger customer base. As I said earlier, we have launched a self-learning digital platform – Ingram Micro Xvantage – that enables our partners to learn, partner, build, buy, and manage their business through one platform. This platform plays a pivotal role in redefining how we interact and transact with our partners. Additionally, we offer a wide range of Value-Added Services, such as Professional Services, Managed IT Services, Financial Services, and IT Asset Disposition or Lifecycle Services, to provide a one-stop solution for our partners to meet their requirements around technology acquisition, implementation, and optimization. All these will certainly help us stay afloat in the competitive landscape and reach out to a larger set of customers going forward.

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