“We Have More Than Three Decades Of Experience In Oracle Technologies”

“We Have More Than Three Decades Of Experience In Oracle Technologies”

Clover Infotech successfully addressed a critical issue for a prominent private sector bank by crafting a consolidated dashboard using Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC). This solution empowered the bank to seamlessly obtain crucial insights across diverse operational functions. Leveraging their expertise as a comprehensive IT services and solutions provider, Clover Infotech specializes in digitally transforming business operations. In order to know more about this initiative, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal talked exclusively to Neelesh Kripalani, Chief Technology Officer, Clover Infotech. He shared crucial insights into how they leveraged OAC and their expertise. Read below the excerpts:

Q. Rajeev: How did Clover Infotech help the leading private sector bank in accessing critical information within minutes, and what technology was used?

A. Neelesh: Our customer, one of the leading private sector banks, was struggling to get a consolidated view into their different functions. As their branches are spread across the country, they wanted a consolidated dashboard that gives them an overview and allows them to make informed decisions. Hence, we implemented Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) for its advanced capabilities to explore and perform collaborative analytics. With OAC implementation, we could connect and integrate data from diverse sources. It supported structured and unstructured data, enabling a holistic view of the operational performance.

Q. Rajeev: Can you elaborate on the challenges the customer faced in getting a consolidated view of their operational functions?

A. Neelesh: Since the customer had branches across the country, it was getting difficult for them to consolidate data from disparate sources spread across branches, and present their functional teams with a comprehensive business dashboard. For instance, their HR team could not get proper reporting on number of daily sign-ins, virtual passes allotted, employee leave requests, etc. The infra management team could not get real-time information on power consumption, downtime across branches, scheduled and pending infra maintenance, etc. The legal team could not get reports on active and closed cases across the organization. This affected the overall quality of decision-making, thereby leading to wastage of time and adversely impacting the operational productivity.

Q. Rajeev: What specific reports and insights did Clover Infotech's Business Analytics dashboard provide for different functional teams?

A. Neelesh: The business dashboard we created using Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) enabled the customer to have a detailed view into their diverse functions such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, customer service, etc. In addition, it empowered the management to gain valuable insights into performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). OAC’s flexibility allows for the customization of reports to align with specific organizational objectives and integration of data sources across various functional areas for better decision-making.

Q. Rajeev: What databases and sources of data were integrated into the Oracle database for the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) implementation?

A. Neelesh: The following databases were integrated into the Oracle database:

  • HRMS (From Cloud Database)

  • General Leger (GL) – From Direct Database

  • Core banking – Flat files daily transaction

  • Risk management Data (OFSAA) – Reporting Database

  • Customer information (CRM) – Reporting Database  

Q. Rajeev: What value did the customer gain from the implementation of the Business Analytics Dashboard in terms of time and efficiency?

A. Neelesh: The business analytics dashboard allowed the customer to view vital parameters and access organizational health within minutes. This helped in comprehensive understanding and, in turn facilitated informed decision-making. Hence, with this implementation the customer could save a lot of time that was getting wasted in consolidation and reporting. These saved efforts were directed towards more productive and analytical tasks.

Q. Rajeev: How did Clover Infotech leverage its expertise in Oracle technologies to address the customer's needs?

A. Neelesh: We have more than three decades of experience in Oracle technologies. My team has expert consultants, who can provide comprehensive services from consulting, and implementation to support. During our initial interaction, we understood the IT landscape of the customer, and could quickly identify their need for a consolidated dashboard as they had critical business functions spread across various branches all over the country. Hence, we suggested the implementation of OAC to unify disparate data sources, and store them in a single Oracle database. This empowered business users with self-service dashboard to identify patterns, understand bottlenecks, and allowed them to make business-critical decisions faster.

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