“We Have Been Seeing Tremendous Growth In Our Business, Especially For Our FTTH Line Of Products”

“We Have Been Seeing Tremendous Growth In Our Business, Especially For Our FTTH Line Of Products”

Digisol is serving the Indian market with its highly reliable and Made in India networking products. Its next-gen networking solutions are in huge demand owing to the trust that the brand has earned so far. Digisol is enabling the organizations to embrace digital transformation journey and build a strong IT infrastructure. Mr. Krushna Garkhede, Head of Marketing, Digisol Systems recently talked to DT and shared important insights about their performance, product offerings, growth roadmap and a lot more.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Krushna: The year 2022, has drastically changed the ways and means, we do business. The pandemic has reset the ways we live, work, and do business, accelerating some long-term shifts and setting new changes. The success of ‘Work From Home’ during lockdown has encouraged many organizations to embrace digital transformation. At Digisol, in the post-pandemic scenario, we have digitized all possible manual processes, and built an agile supply chain and inventory control. We have been seeing tremendous growth in our business, especially for our FTTH line of products. Since most people have been working from home, it has been captured that data demand from residences arose which further opened doors for Fiber to the Home products and solutions.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.

Krushna: 2022 looks like a year of immense opportunities as we cater to emerging opportunities in Data centres, Smart Cities, etc complementing new technologies like Wi-Fi6, IoT etc. For E.g our New Active Networking Solutions along with our Industry leading FTTH GPON Solutions, Structure cabling solutions and keystones will help scale our business and we look at a growth of 20-25% overall

DT: What are the some key features that make your brand better than others?

Krushna: We are proud to say that we have a legacy of 35 years in India and are one of the leading Indian Networking Brand that is flag bearers of “Make in India” and the first one to do so. Our passion for technological innovations, PAN India presence with sales representatives in 50 cities, 10 branch offices, 45 Distributors, 63 service support centres, and 1000 partners help us stand out. Over 3 decades we have been keeping pace with the evolving technological advancements by understanding market and customer requirements, which has always helped us in developing future ready products. Our Brand stands for Quality & Trust.

DT: How do you take care of channel margins & profitability?

Krushna: We provide very good margins to our Channel partners. Digisol has introduced them to Digisol’s various after sales services and programs. Like every year, this year also we will undertake various initiatives to engage with our partners. We plan to come up with new offers and schemes every quarter. Besides this we will also offer, loyalty and incentive schemes to motivate the channel partners. Our association with our channel partners has always been extremely rewarding, and we are looking forward to growing with our partners.

DT: Please share few sales tips for channel community.

Krushna: As we can see a lot of sales opportunities in Secondary and tertiary markets, we would recommend that partners should target these markets by doing more retail branding and displaying more products at the sales point. Digisol has always been a strong believer in growing along with its Partners and hence has taken various initiatives like Digisol’s loyalty program in which they can take benefit of our various Sales Schemes for both the Active and Passive range of products for Retailer Partners and End user like Electrician / Technicians. Also, with the help of DITT (Digisol Institute of Technical Training) they can get quality training programs which are always in sync with the market demand. These initiatives will give them the ability to add value to the solution they offer to their customers and also get new business opportunities.

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