“We Have An Ambitious Plan of Opening 300+ Stores By Early 2025”

“We Have An Ambitious Plan of Opening 300+ Stores By Early 2025”

Acer India Chief Sales Officer, Sanjeev Mehtani, sheds light on Acer's stellar performance in 2023 and ambitious plans for 2024. With remarkable growth propelled by innovation and strategic partnerships, Acer secures its position as the fourth-largest PC brand in India, boasting a 12.3% market share and a 16.1% year-on-year growth in shipments. Mehtani highlights Acer's commitment to integrating AI technology into its lineup and emphasizes the importance of sustainability in tech.

DT: How did Acer perform in CY 2023? What were the driving factors for Acer’s growth in India?

Sanjeev: In 2023, Acer witnessed remarkable growth fueled by innovative product launches, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. According to IDC, Acer stands as the fourth largest PC brand in India, commanding a 12.3% market share and experiencing a robust 16.1% year-on-year growth in shipments. Our dedication to delivering advanced technology at competitive prices resonated positively with consumers, resulting in increased market share and enhanced brand recognition.

To further fortify our position, we are embarking on an expansive expansion strategy aimed at better serving our extensive customer base. With plans to expand our retail footprint by over 300 stores by the onset of 2025, our focus is on tapping into new markets and bringing our innovative products closer to consumers. Moreover, our direct-to-consumer (D2C) website is undergoing substantial expansion, enabling us to reach an even broader audience and cater to their diverse needs.

DT: What are your expectations in terms of business performance and market sentiments in 2024?

Sanjeev: Innovation will remain at the forefront of our strategy. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, introducing cutting-edge products that resonate with evolving consumer preferences, and addressing emerging industry trends. Whether it's advancements in AI, breakthroughs in cloud computing, or pioneering sustainability-focused solutions, we're dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Also, we have an ambitious plan of opening 300+ stores by early 2025.  With our AI laptops, we are enthusiastic about incorporating AI technology into more of our lineup and are dedicated to expanding this range using cutting-edge advancements to enhance user experiences.

Furthermore, we are excited to integrate AI into more products, especially our AI laptops, to improve user experiences. Our Make in India initiative for other product lines will tap into new markets and support local manufacturing. Expanding gaming offerings across price points aims to capture new market segments.

With the introduction of innovative products, channel expansion, and integration of AI, the market is poised for further expansion and positive sentiment. We look forward to further growth in revenue/share of the market this year around again.

DT: Could you please tell me about two major tech trends that will dominate in 2024?

Sanjeev: We foresee two major tech trends shaping 2024 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sustainable Technology. At Acer, we are leading the charge in these areas, harnessing AI to elevate user experiences across our product lineup. From AI-driven laptops optimizing performance to intelligent devices adapting to user behaviors, we are committed to integrating AI into our offerings, delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

DT: What is your current channel strength and how are you planning to strengthen your partner network in 2024?

Sanjeev: Acer's channel strength remains robust, owing to our strategic partnerships and global distribution networks. Central to our business model are our esteemed partners – resellers, and distributors – whose success is intricately intertwined with ours. Thus, we remain steadfast in our commitment to this indirect sales approach, which fosters a streamlined and efficient commercial channel for our partners.

Pioneering an innovative Omni-Channel experience, tailored to partners and customers, we strive to offer a seamless path to purchase and ensure seamless service across all channels. This initiative bridges the gap between online and offline interactions, enabling our partners to effortlessly provide the full range of Acer products to their customers, all while maximizing profits and enjoying program benefits.

Acer's key strength lies in our dedication to offering fair business opportunities to all partners across various GTMs. Our transparent and equitable channel programs empower partners to leverage Acer devices and foster effective business growth. Looking ahead to 2025, our objective is to conclude 2024 with a robust network of 300 exclusive stores with our partners. Additionally, we aim to expand our collaboration across various channel segments such as MBO, MR, and T3/T4 partners, aiming for a 30% increase in channel strength, solidifying our position as a trusted IT partner in the industry.

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