“We Have A Very Wide And Strong Service Reach With On-Site Service Capability In The Indian Market”

“We Have A Very Wide And Strong Service Reach With On-Site Service Capability In The Indian Market”

Today, commercial laptops are built with high-end technology to meet diverse customer requirements. ASUS recently expanded its commercial lineup with the new ExpertBook, which features advanced technology. The ExpertBook is designed to enhance productivity and performance, making it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking reliable and versatile IT solutions. To know further about their latest offering, customer service, and partner ecosystem, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently held an exclusive interaction with Dinesh Sharma, Vice President, Commercial PC and Smartphone, System Business Group, ASUS India. This insightful discussion delved into ASUS's innovative approach and future plans in the commercial segment.

Rajeev: How does the latest ASUS ExpertBook B3 laptop cater to the specific needs of customers?

Dinesh: This product offers unparalleled versatility to meet the specific customization needs of IT teams, particularly in large organizations. Standardizing a platform for larger or mid-scale companies is beneficial for service and IT management requirements, ensuring necessary components are included while unnecessary ones are excluded.

The laptop's flexibility is evident in its display options, with choices ranging from a non-touch 60Hz display to a touchscreen with either a 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate. The 16:10 aspect ratio provides a larger viewing area, enhancing productivity. Performance options include 15-watt U-series or 28-watt P-series processors, along with the option for a discrete graphics card. The latest LPDDR5 RAM and expandable storage up to 64GB ensure optimal performance.

Durability is exceptional, meeting military standard 810H and passing 23 out of 28 tests. The hinge has been tested for a minimum of 30,000 open and close cycles, equivalent to approximately 12 years of continuous usage. The laptop can withstand pressure tests of up to 25kgs on the lid and 50kgs from both sides, ensuring durability even during travel.

Regarding the battery, even the base version includes a powerful 50-watt three-cell battery, which is more robust than typical laptop batteries. If more battery life is required, a 63-watt hour capacity is also available. On the keyboard front, you can choose between a non-lit or backlit keyboard. For storage, we offer a standard Gen4 SSD, with an option to upgrade to a performance Gen4 SSD or a self-encryption drive (SED).

Rajeev: What is your assurance to your customers regarding a better experience?

Dinesh: First and foremost, I want to assure you that we are ready to bring about positive changes. If you give us a chance, we can guarantee that you will have a much better experience in terms of product quality, service, durability, and improvements. This is my most important message and request to IT decision-makers: give us an opportunity, and we assure you that you will be very happy and not disappointed with what you will receive from ASUS.

Rajeev: How do you work with your partners to meet the market demand?

Dinesh: When it comes to B2B buying, businesses typically do not buy directly, especially larger businesses. They don't typically go to an online or retail shop to buy the product. Instead, they go to system integrators because they're not only buying laptops or PCs; they are also buying networking equipment, servers, storage, etc. So, they go to partners who can meet their IT requirements on an integrated basis, and we call these partners system integrators (SIs) and value-added resellers (VARs). We are working extensively with SIs, and VARs in India to earn their trust and confidence and introduce ASUS to their customers. It's a huge opportunity for SI partners because it's not easy for any brand to have the capability to serve the needs of the commercial segment. You need an excellent service infrastructure, and we have one of the most robust service infrastructures in India, being the second-largest in the consumer PC segment.

Rajeev: What services does ASUS offer to its customers in the commercial segment?

Dinesh: We have a very wide and strong service reach with on-site service capability in the Indian market, which helps, especially now with the trend of remote work. For large enterprise customers, we have a service account management model where we assign service key account managers who work with them, whether they buy one unit, five units, or even thousands of units, ensuring they get priority service. We also ensure our partners have exposure and transparency to the service being provided to their end customers. We also provide engineering tech support, which goes beyond just servicing. When working with organizations with multiple applications and network environments, we conduct robust user acceptance testing to ensure everything works smoothly on an ASUS product before purchase, ensuring no interoperability issues.

Regarding service packs, we offer all service packs valid for up to five years, including warranty extension, next-business-day support, hard disk retention, SSD retention, accidental damage protection, battery warranty extension, etc. This allows customers to choose the required service support and configure it according to their needs, such as a four-year warranty with four-year ADP and three years of battery warranty. You can select the combination that suits your organization best and configure the service support accordingly.

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