“We Have 250+ ASPs Who Handle Service Support For Brother In India”

“We Have 250+ ASPs Who Handle Service Support For Brother In India”

Brother has been at the forefront in the Indian printing solutions industry, offering reliable and cost-effective printers. Brother’s cutting-edge label printers empower its customers and enable them to overcome challenges associated with label printing. These printers are designed with unparalleled capabilities to ensure improved productivity and seamless printing. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently conducted an exclusive interaction with Alok Nigam, Managing Director, Brother India. The conversation revolved around rising demand for label printers, their offerings, business performance and growth plans. Read the excerpts below:

Rajeev: How does Brother's printing technology specifically address the intricate demands of label printing, ensuring precision and consistency in color reproduction and detail? 

Alok: For over 30 years, Brother has been at the forefront of labelling technology. Since creating the world’s first electronic label printer in 1988, Brother has continued to develop ground-breaking labelling solutions which are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. In fact, our labelling offerings aren’t just the most dependable solutions in the world, they’re also the smartest. Brother India’s labelling solutions have been specifically designed to not only stand up to include innovative features and connectivity to complete the labelling functions quickly, reliably and effectively.

Our label printers ensure that our customers are able to overcome challenges associated with label printing. Brother’s labeling solutions deliver, label adhesion, label durability, printing speed & for every label printing activity. The innovative label printers come with advanced laminated labels. These labels are durable, strong and have been designed withstand abrasions, water, spills, heat, cold and harsh environments. Our professional labelling solutions also offer a wide range of specialty supplies such as flexible ID tapes, self-laminating tapes, flag tapes.

Our label printers deliver better return on investment with long lasting labels, improved productivity with inbuilt labelling templates within Brother label printers and seamless printing through various connectivity options. To make it easier for our customers to deploy smart labelling systems with their organization, Brother India not only has range of label printers, but also specific solutions customised to meet industry-specific labelling needs.

Rajeev: In what ways do Brother printers contribute to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards related to packaging and labeling, and how does this build trust with consumers?

Alok: We all know that labels that align with industry standards and regulations reassure consumers that the products they are purchasing meet quality and safety standards. This fosters a positive perception of the brand and enhances customer loyalty.

Any labelling solution is as good as the quality of the labels themselves. Good labelling management ensures that the labels are durable and do not smear or fade over time. Consistent, accurate labels help to build customer trust and confidence in a brand. That is why at Brother we have designed innovative, hard-wearing and long-lasting labels that remain sharp and legible for over decades. When a brand is able to create well-defined labels for their products and solutions, it automatically boosts customer confidence. Our printers and label printing management helps organisations achieve that.

To ensure compliance with labeling regulations, companies must establish robust internal processes and quality control measures. This includes implementing labeling workflows, training employees on regulatory requirements, and conducting regular audits to identify and rectify any non-compliance issues. Leveraging technology can significantly streamline the labeling compliance process. This is where Brother’s label printing solutions offer an added advantage. We not only offer the printers, but also help our customers set up a complete printing system that adheres to regulations and is easy to manage.

Rajeev: How do you manage offline & online platform offerings?

Alok: Understanding customers is crucial for balancing online and offline retail in today’s market. We do analyze the data from websites, social media, and point-of-sale systems to create customer personas and understanding their requirements. Based on the insights we tailor our printing solutions offerings accordingly. Additionally, we have also integrated online and offline channels for a seamless experience.

Targeted at the B2B segment and large corporates, Brother India has a range of label printers including handheld label printers, desktop label printers, professional label that meet an organization’s label printing needs. We have placed some label printers on a few e-commerce sites. Apart from e-commerce platforms, customers can buy printers from authorized distributors and resellers across India. Customers can also visit our Showrooms in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Lucknow to see demo units to get hands-on experience. We are here to not just sell a printer but support our customer in making the right purchase decision based on their printing requirements.

Rajeev: How has been year 2023 for overall business growth in India for Brother? 

Alok: We have seen two-fold growth since last year. The label printing market is poised for an impressive growth in the next ten years, and we are geared up to ride that wave. It is heartening to see that customers are adopting technologies rather than following traditional way of printing labels. Brother India is also offering a professional labelling and mobile printing solutions to make it easy for organizations to keep track of their ever-increasing assets. Some of the focus industries where we have developed label printing solutions include manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, electrical and automation, telecom, healthcare and laboratories, hospitality and food production, packaging and general business applications. These are the areas that will continue to push our business towards growth.

Rajeev: How do you offer the best service support to Indian customers?

Alok: The India entity of Brother International operates as a fully integrated sale, marketing and services company. We have a strong Authorized Service Provider (ASP) network spread across India through whom we offer onsite support to customer in India. Currently, we have 250+ ASPs who handle service support for Brother in India. These ASPs are directly managed by our regional service team. Along with that, we are reachable to customers through Chat Bot, Email, Toll Free number etc. 

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