“We Intend To Increase Our Penetration In The C And D Class Cities By Setting Up Satellite Offices”

“We Intend To Increase Our Penetration In The C And D Class Cities By Setting Up Satellite Offices”

The distribution business in India has witnessed immense growth in last few years. But the CY 2022 has been quite impressive in terms of growth and opportunities for the market players. The tech brands and distribution houses put huge efforts to drive growth in such a competitive market where all global as well as domestic brands are eying larger market share. Rashi Peripherals Limited  is one of India’s leading national distribution companies and it has witnessed a remarkable growth through its well-planned strategy. Rajesh Goenka, Chief Executive Officer, Rashi Peripherals Limited recently talked to DT where he commented on the company growth, market scenario, future plans, challenges and etc.Rajeev: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Rajesh: We witnessed a double digit growth in FY 2022. While all our business verticals grew steadily, enterprise, PC, memory and storage divisions brought the higher revenues to the business. Our newly started embedded division is also growing steadily, and we expect to expand this business vertical with new brands collaboration. Overall our business grew above the industry growth, and we continue to maintain this momentum in FY 2023.

Rajeev: Please share target revenue or growth percentage achieved in 2022.

Rajesh: We are doing extremely well and we achieved 100 per cent growth in all business verticals.

Rajeev: What is your plan to strengthen your distribution business across all Indian market? 

Rajesh: We will focus on new brand collaborations and expansion of our solutions offerings. We intend to increase our penetration in the C and D class cities by setting up satellite offices. We also intend to spread our channel base and launch innovative channel initiatives.

Rajeev: What all support do you expect from the brands for greater profitability & overall company growth?

Rajesh: We expect brands to provide us optimum inventory to fulfill market demand efficiently, and maintain revenue streams from across the regions.

Rajeev: What are two biggest challenges for distribution business in India?

Rajesh: The demand for computer hardware and networking products has slowed down post Covid -19 pandemic. The refurbished IT hardware market is gaining momentum again. We expect resurgence of DIY/assembled PCs especially in the Gaming sector.

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