“We Deliver The Right Product And Experience to Our Customers”

“We Deliver The Right Product And Experience to Our Customers”

Dell recently expanded its consumer and gaming product portfolio with new AI-powered PCs that are designed for the gamers and professionals. The new PCs are launched under XPS, Alienware and Inspiron series. These products ensure a seamless user experience and deliver an unmatched performance. In order to gain more insights about the new line-up, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal exclusively interacted with Pujan Chadha, Director, Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India. He commented on various aspects of their innovations, impact of AI and elevating the customer experience through their innovations. Read the complete conversation below.

Rajeev: What are the top features that make your new range of AI PCs more consumer friendly?

Pujan: Any product that we design or discuss involves four key aspects: design, performance, immersive experience, and sustainability. Keeping that in mind, Alienware M16 R2 is paired with the Core Ultra CPU and the latest NVIDIA GTX 4060 or 4070 cards. This provides ample power to the machine for gamers to play games at a fast rate and handle AI workloads.

The M16 R2 is complemented with a QHD Plus panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Not to forget the optimized cryo cooling technology that gives us optimal user experience and efficiency. However, I think the key to the whole ecosystem that Alienware as a brand is bringing this year is the stealth mode. This mode, which was inspired by feedback from our community, allows users to turn off the AlienFX lighting with the press of a button. This transitions the machine from a power-based gaming machine to a quiet, discrete gaming machine. The fans' noise decreases, allowing Alienware to be used as a perfect machine for various purposes.

In essence, the Alienware M16 R2 is a perfect amalgamation of what gamers expect—a beast in terms of performance—and a pure hardcore performance machine. I believe this will elevate the user interface and user experience to a new level.

Rajeev: How do you see the excitement among your partners for your new range of AI PCs?

Pujan: Everyone was eagerly anticipating the advancements that AI technology would bring to the table. With the introduction of Intel's latest Core Ultra CPU and our new product lineup, discussions with our channel partners, retail partners, and e-tail partners like Amazon have been extremely positive. There is a great excitement about delivering these innovations to customers and enhancing their experience. The entire ecosystem is enthusiastic about elevating the user experience to new heights.

Rajeev: What pivotal role will AI play in terms of enhancing customer experience?

Pujan: Previously, our discussions centered around the CPU and GPU components. However, with the introduction of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), we are on the brink of a significant evolution in AI technology. As more apps and software are developed to handle AI workloads, the NPU will play a crucial role in powering these applications on the machine. This means that the CPU will be freed up to handle day-to-day tasks, leading to a significant improvement in customer experience, efficiency, and productivity. While there is much more to come as we continue to evolve, the initial phase has shown strong and positive momentum for AI-enabled technology.

Rajeev: What are your promotional plans to raise awareness about your new product line-up?

Pujan: Firstly, we are an Omni Channel company. When I say Omni Channel, we have a unique engine called Dell.com. In the e-tail space, we have Amazon, and in the offline space, we are partnered with all the top retailers, including local retailers, which we typically refer to as LFRs and RLFRs. We have around 600 plus stores across the country. Our full plan includes firstly educating all the in-store promoters because they are the ones who will represent the Dell brand and educate customers on what an AI machine can deliver to them. There's a comprehensive process in place to ensure that not only customers but also partners understand the capabilities of AI machines. This education process extends to everyone in the supply chain until the product reaches the customer.

Rajeev: What are your commitments for your loyal customers?

Pujan: Our standpoint is very clear: we have been the most trusted brand for the past five consecutive years, and we are very proud of that. While we are proud, a lot of responsibility falls on us to ensure we deliver the right product and experience to our customers and the entire supply chain. Keeping customers at the heart of our decisions, we aim to create technologies that empower human potential. We want to participate with each individual to help them fulfill their dreams. We would love to be a factor through which they can achieve their aims and goals in life. This ethos is what drives us at Dell Technologies in everything we do.

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