“We Believe That Channel Can Make A Huge Profit If They Are Guided Correctly By Experts”

“We Believe That Channel Can Make A Huge Profit If They Are Guided Correctly By Experts”

ECS LIVA is one of the leading Mini PC brand in India as it caters to the rapidly increasing need for smart and portable computing solutions across various sector. ECS brings up the most innovative and advanced Mini PCs for seamless computing which gives performance at an affordable price point. In an interaction with DT, Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager India, ECS shared his performance, targets and much more.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Rajshekhar: This year ECS not only accelerated the expansion of its own brand LIVA Mini PC business and new commercial product lines, but further targeted high-performance demands such as live streaming, games, and edge computing. We also actively focused motherboards and AIO business to enhance competitiveness and deepen green energy layout in the future.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.

Rajshekhar: ECS expects double-digit growth and better profits than last year in 2022. Since ECS has benefited from clear visibility of orders and steady customer demand for goods, we observed cumulative revenue growth of more than 25% in the first three quarters of the year.

DT: What are the key features that make your brand better than others?

Rajshekhar: We are growing at a good pace and there are multiple things that make us one of the leading brands. Below are some of the features that are attributed to our success:

·        Provide convenient procurement channels: from online to offline, contact us anytime, anywhere.

·        Set a reasonable price: We not only provide competitive prices and products in the market, but also provide a good service to our customers.

·        Consumer-oriented: meet the customers’ demand and offer the most suitable product to them.

·        Continuously improve product quality and technology: ECS's comprehensive quality control system ensures all of our products can be counted on for stability and reliability.

·        Create a good corporate image: ECS is committed to providing consumers with eco-friendly products and making the environment sustainable.

DT: How do you take care of channel margins & profitability?

Rajshekhar: We believe that channel can make a huge profit if they are guided correctly by experts. We keep on organizing training sessions for partners to help them gain knowledge of the products and the best strategies to sell them. We also invite them to join us in events such as webinar or awards ceremonies to make our relationship closer. In addition, we propose incentives to motivate them to achieve their sales goal, this method not only fortify the relationship, but also help them in the difficult time

DT: Please share few sales tips for channel community.

Rajshekhar: The business landscape has changed and channel needs to learn and adapt with the time. Below are few tips that channel partners can follow to drive more business:

·        Focus on SMBs and SIs with limited budget: With our competitive prices, we can look for SMBs or SIs that require a small computer for any business application purpose, such as digital signage, online meetings, office work, kiosks, education or other.

·        Cross-industry alliance: Introduce partners to participate in the various bidding or connect with potential customers, so that partners can obtain additional benefit.

·        Reward program: Propose incentives to motivate partners to achieve their sales goal and increase sales.

·        Use the media to promote: Stimulate 2B/2C sales by recommending products to people looking for HTPC or working/studying from home through online advertising and leading local magazine

·        Service commitment: Comprehensive after-sales service not only allows customers to reduce maintenance costs, and also increases their willingness to continue cooperation in the future.

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