“We Are Pure Gaming VAD & Not Box Movers as We Believe in Creating Value In Relationship”

“We Are Pure Gaming VAD & Not Box Movers as We Believe in Creating Value In Relationship”

This year, the growth of Indian IT distribution market has been very remarkable. But to keep the traction going upward, distribution house needs to stay updated and aware about the emerging trends. TAG, a leading IT distribution player has been positively approaching the market and working quite aggressively in order to leverage the existing opportunities. In a recent chat with DT, Vikas Gupta, MD, Technology and Gadgets (TAG) talked about the market, growth, performance, and a lot more.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Vikas: TAG being a leading VAD has been growing consistently in Indian market since our inception. But year 2022 has been most challenging for most organizations across the globe due to various factors like increase in USD, global war, high increase in fed rates adding pressure on consumer buffer income which in turn is affecting overall growth of the industry.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.  

Vikas: We have achieved quite impressive growth in our journey so far and we will definitely grow due to our strong market strategies. As far as growth is concerned, this year, we are looking at flat growth.

DT: What is your plan to strengthen your distribution business across all Indian market?  

Vikas: TAG work with a channel centric approach and believe in giving out most value oriented products to the market so that channel can have healthy business margins. Also. In order to further build our product portfolio, we will be adding 2 more well-known global brands. In addition to that, we are also planning to add Gaming monitors from next quarter. The demand for our products is huge but to further scale our business through improving the product awareness, we have successfully conducted several channel training programmes this year. In upcoming quarters, we will be organizing such training programmes for our channels in various cities.

DT: What all support do you expect from the brands for greater profitability & overall company growth?

Vikas: Most of vendors with whom TAG is associated work like a family rather than principal or distributor relationship. GALAX has added gears and adding more new innovative products this year to strengthen their product range. Apart from it, Teamgroup adding more value to the business and allowing us to capitalize on the opportunities. Also, Teamgroup is creating several world records on new 4090 series. Recently we have hired country head to drive business independently as we have advantage of customizing products and needs of channel with our 15+ years of experience in same domain. We are pure gaming value added distributors and not box movers – we believe in creating value in relationship

DT: What as per you is two biggest challenge for distribution business in India?

Vikas: The biggest challenge is desperate sellers who over dump inventory without understanding market size. For some companies, it’s just selling by compromising on product quality and features, they win business for short term with low prices and substandard products and feature, but in long run they lose because consumer experience drives business in longer run.

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