“We Are Proud To Offer A Complete End-To-End Product And Solutions Portfolio”

“We Are Proud To Offer A Complete End-To-End Product And Solutions Portfolio”

AI-enabled PCs are currently in high demand, offering powerful capabilities that significantly enhance productivity. These innovative machines are revolutionizing productivity, setting new efficiency and performance standards. To meet the increasing demand, Dell Technologies recently launched its broadest portfolio of commercial AI laptops and mobile workstations in India. In an exclusive interaction with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager of Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies India, commented on various aspects, making this interaction highly informative. Here are some exclusive excerpts from the interview.

Rajeev: Please tell about your new offerings in the commercial PC segment.

Indrajit: Technology is evolving, and we are at the cusp of a significant technological change. This is why we are excited to introduce new products and solutions for our customers in India. We have launched four products: the Latitude 9450, Latitude 7350 Detachable, Latitude 7350 Ultralight, and the Mobile Precision 5490.

All our products and solutions are designed based on user personas. Each user has unique requirements depending on their work and the type of device they prefer. We incorporate customer input and feedback into our product design to ensure we meet their needs.

Rajeev: Dell is known for pioneering world-first innovations. Could you elaborate on these ground-breaking achievements?

Indrajit: Our Mobile Precision 5490 is the world's thinnest and lightest 14-inch mobile Precision workstation. Despite its slim design, there is no compromise on performance or graphics features. It is an ISV-certified workstation and boasts significant improvements in battery performance and productivity.

Rajeev: Can you elaborate on the optimization technology feature that is set to transform user productivity?

Indrajit: The Dell Optimizer is not a new offering. We have been offering Dell Optimizer with our commercial PCs, including Dell OptiPlex, Dell Latitude, and Dell Precision, for the past few years. It comes with various features designed to enhance both productivity and security for users.

For example, users who are constantly on the move and need to connect to a network, typically, they have to manually search for the network with the strongest signal. However, the Dell Optimizer automatically searches for the router with the highest signal strength and connects to that network. This small but important feature significantly boosts productivity.

Rajeev: Can you highlight anything about your product portfolio?

Indrajit: We are proud to offer a complete end-to-end product and solutions portfolio from a technology standpoint. This includes everything from end devices to data center to cloud solutions, along with security and service offerings for our customers.

Rajeev: How do you address security concerns in your products?

Indrajit: We offer security solutions across our commercial portfolio, whether it's below the operating system (OS) or above it. We work closely with security solution providers from the product development phase to fine-tune or optimize the product for performance. For example, Dell Optimizer includes web security and webcam security. Depending on customer and user needs, we have security solutions to offer along with our end product portfolio.

Rajeev: What message do you have for customers who rely on Dell's products?

Indrajit: First and foremost, thank you very much for your support and your love for Dell technology products and solutions. These products are developed with the feedback that all of you have provided to us, and we are very excited to bring these products and solutions to our customers and partners. They are definitely going to be game-changers and will help them be more productive, effective, and efficient. So, thank you very much.

Rajeev: How do you commit to meet customer requirements through your partners?

Indrajit: We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that the right solutions, combining Dell Technologies and partner offerings, are delivered to their customers. We will continue to work alongside them, and I encourage all partners to reach out to their Dell Technologies partner account manager for more details. Together, we will address customers' needs and requirements effectively.

Rajeev: How do you support your partners in effectively selling AI-enabled PCs?

Indrajit: There are many proactive and progressive partners who engage with their customers to identify pain points and provide the right solutions. With the persona-based offering that Dell Technologies has launched, we will work with them to ensure they have the right amount of information and training available. This will be an ongoing process, not just a one-time training session. We will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure they have the right information available, and we can have joint meetings to address their needs effectively.

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