“We Are Increasing Our Bench Strength And Growing In Regions Across India”

“We Are Increasing Our Bench Strength And Growing In Regions Across India”

The Indian IT distribution market is growing well and the distribution houses have put huge efforts in developing the market further for their brands who are on board. The never-ending efforts by distribution houses make this market more opportunistic for them and help them to take leading position. BD Software is one of the fastest growing distributors and has partnered with many leading brands in recent times to distribute their robust security solutions. Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO, BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. recently interacted with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal to share details about their performance, challenges, growth, future plans and more.

Rajeev: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Zakir: Overall Performance of BD Software has been very good. We have been growing more than 40% and we hope to increase this in this quarter. Along with growth we have also increased our staff strength and partner network on existing and new regions.

Rajeev: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.

Zakir: Currently, we are seeing good market condition and the demand for all our product is quite high. With rise in digital transformation journey among Indian companies, we see huge demand in different verticals. Our offerings are best available currently in India market. We would be happy and confident to grow at 50%. This would be a realistic percentage of growth to achieve.

Rajeev: What is your plan to strengthen your distribution business across all Indian market?

Zakir: We are increasing our bench strength and growing in regions across India. We are adding quality partners and we are focused on increasing partners in new territories where we do not have a presence now.

Rajeev: What all support do you expect from the brands for greater profitability & overall company growth?

Zakir: We expect our vendors to understand the $ turbulence and the impact is having on the distributors. We would prefer our vendors fixing price in India rupees, so that we are able to operate in a better way and our quotations can stay valid for a longer time.

Rajeev: What as per you is two biggest challenge for distribution business in India?

Zakir: There are multiple challenges in the distribution business that we face very often. As the market has become so competitive, sustaining in such a crowded market is very challenging. However, we are trying to overcome the challenges in short time to put all our focus on creating new growth opportunities. Among all the challenges in IT distribution segment, Quality of manpower, Partner engagement and partner education on promoting our product lines are the challenges we face currently.

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