“We Are Bullish On Our Product Portfolio That We Plan to Launch This Year”

“We Are Bullish On Our Product Portfolio That We Plan to Launch This Year”

ASUS, a prominent figure in India's technology sector, is poised to overcome sluggish market sentiment with innovative products in its PC components lineup. This includes the introduction of the new ASUS NUCs tailored to meet the demands of both businesses and end-users. Additionally, ASUS aims to expand the availability of HPC servers optimized for AI applications. Vinay Shetty, Regional Director of ASUS's Component Business for India and South Asia, elaborates further on the company's strategic initiatives for 2024.

DT: What will be the key trends that will dominate the PC Peripherals market in 2024?

Vinay: The one thing that is dominating right now is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies are looking to integrate AI into their hardware and software to enhance the user experience. You can expect keyboards and mice to detect the game or app in use and adjust settings after learning user behaviour. Earphones activate noise cancellation based on the location and ambient noise. The possibilities are endless. Another key area is the advancement of technology. As standards improve, we will see improved performance, better battery life and lower latency that will elevate the overall gaming experience.

DT: How was your overall performance in the CY 2023?

Vinay: It was a roller coaster year, but we ended 2023 on a high. Despite the slow start, we achieved our target and set a benchmark for some of our categories. We also witnessed growth in our business-centric verticals like our Mini PC line and servers.

DT: What are your projections regarding business performance and market sentiment for the year 2024?

Vinay: After witnessing exceptional growth in the last few years, we expect 2024 to have a slower momentum. Having said that, we are bullish on our product portfolio that we plan to launch this year. You will see some innovative products in our PC components range along with the introduction of the new ASUS NUCs that will suffice the needs of businesses and end users and expand on the availability of HPC servers for AI applications.

DT: Could you please share with DT readers what are going to be the two key tech trends for 2024?

Vinay: The first major tech trend is something we have been hearing about for some time now. I am talking about AI. It’s interesting to see some of the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and you will see some AI features in our products as well. Next is the mixed reality technology that aims to bring immersive experiences that blend with the real world like the AirVision M1 wearable display that we announced at the CES 2024.

DT: What is your current channel strength and how are you planning to strengthen your partner network in 2024?

Vinay: We have a strong channel partner base and plan to expand aggressively to reach every corner in the country. We are looking to work with more traditional resellers, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SIs) who offer their specialised expertise. Additionally, we plan to offer partners access to technical specialists, marketing resources, and co-branding opportunities to successfully convert a sale and incentivise their efforts by offering tiered sales programs, rebates, and exclusive benefits.

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