VNS International Growth Anchored in Diverse High-End Tech Portfolio

VNS International Growth Anchored in Diverse High-End Tech Portfolio

The Indian IT distribution market is one of the largest markets globally, playing a pivotal role in the success of tech brands. The strength and efficiency of a brand's distribution network can significantly impact its overall performance in the competitive landscape. In this context, VNS International has emerged as a leading tech distribution house, contributing to the market's dynamism by providing cutting-edge computing solutions. Under the leadership of Neeraj Garg, the Managing Director of VNS International, the company has witnessed accelerated growth.

The success of VNS can be attributed to their commitment of offering the best modern computing solutions across various industry verticals. In a recent exclusive conversation with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal, Mr. Neeraj Garg discussed the current market landscape, emphasizing VNS International's diverse product portfolio catering to all major verticals. The conversation delved into key aspects, including the company's offerings, and the establishment of the HP Z Centre of Excellence. Read below the excerpts:

Q. Rajeev: How do you see the demand for business PCs and workstations in the current market?

A. Neeraj: The high-end computing products like Workstations, Mobile Workstations, Premium Designing & Gaming Laptops along-with Servers and Storage are doing well in the market. In today’s world of AI, ML, VR and other latest technologies, the demand for High-end business PCs and Workstations is set to grow exponentially. Workstations provide higher computing power, performance storage, professional graphics, greater expandability, higher memory capacity, ISV certifications and collaboration & performance tuning. HP Z Tower Workstations and HP Zbook Mobile Workstations along-with solutions involving these products lead this market.

Q. Rajeev: What all products are you selling currently? How do you see your partnership with brand HP?

A. Neeraj: We sell complete range of IT hardware and software along-with solutions around them. In hardware we do Workstations, Mobile Workstations, Laptops, Desktops, AIO Desktops, Displays, HP Branded Components and Accessories. We are HP Workstations specialist and our main focus is on HP Z Tower Workstations and HP Zbook Mobile Workstations along-with solutions involving these products. These are equipped with Extreme & Mission Critical Reliability, Unthrottled & Pro-Grade Performance, Next Gen Security including AI Threat Prevention, Purpose built Product Design & Enhanced Experience. All these features help to provide best in class Performance, Reliability, Durability and Security.

We have a Trusted Partnership with HP spanning over two decades which isn’t just about business; it’s a shared passion. HP’s extensive product portfolio, exceptional service network, and channel-friendly approach have made this alliance a paragon of excellence. Their collaboration has led to VNS International in becoming the largest HP Workstation partner in the country. Both HP and VNS plan to grow this portfolio to the next level going forward.

Q. Rajeev: What have been the key growth drivers for VNS International so far?

A. Neeraj: The cornerstone of VNS International’s growth strategy is its diverse portfolio of high-end computing products and solutions. The company’s focus on emerging technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR) positions us at the forefront of innovation. VNS International has a team to cater to End Customers in all verticals and a separate team to cater to channel partners to help them with product positioning and sales. The company focuses on value addition and provides channel partners with all tools to help grow their business.

In past few years the company has invested in building technical expertise, provide sales training and hands on experience to channel partners and product stocking & availability for complete range for demo and fulfilment. The company has focused to work with channel partners to grow this business segment apart from working directly with end customers. The company uses marketing tools like Print Media and Digital Media for promotion and product awareness. The company has increased focus on Digital marketing in last couple of years with presence on all social media networks as well.

Q. Rajeev: How has the establishment of the HP Z Centre of Excellence impacted consumers' buying experience? What unique value does it bring to your offerings?

A. Neeraj: VNS International’s ground-breaking venture, the HP Z Centre of Excellence, is a testament to our forwardthinking approach. This unique facility aims to bridge the knowledge gap in emerging technologies. By creating a hub for customers (as well as channel partners) to explore and experience the potential of technology, we go beyond mere product sales. Our mission is to empower customers to make informed decisions about their hardware and software needs.

This Z Centre of Excellence is India’s first centre having the entire hardware ecosystem along with software installed so anybody who is a gamer, photographer, or professional can just book an appointment, try out the hardware for their requirement, decide what suits them before making final call on purchase. Overall, this is first of its kind experience Centre by HP in the world. We are seeing a great response from our clients and customers for this as it is helping them to adapt latest technologies at workplace.

Q. Rajeev: What are the emerging trends and technologies that will influence the demand for business computing solutions in near future?

A. Neeraj: Industries like Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Education, Financial Services, Geospatial, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Product Development, Video Surveillance have always been the demand generators for high-end computing solutions. Emerging trends show adoption of latest technologies like ML, AI, and VR in day to day business operations across industries and trades. These technologies are propelling high-end computing demand exponentially.

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