“TP-Link Has Ability to Adapt Faster to The Changing Times And A Vision to Connect Everything And Everyone”

“TP-Link Has Ability to Adapt Faster to The Changing Times And A Vision to Connect Everything And Everyone”

Internet is needed for every task in this digitally growing world and no one is untouched from it. The next-gen technologies adoption in the networking space have paved the way for huge opportunities in enterprise, SMEs, SMBs or end customer segment. TP-Link is the leader in Indian networking market and has a strong portfolio of high-end networking devices. Through its robust distribution network across the country, TP-Link has reached to last mile. Bijoy Alaylo, Vice President – Channel Sales, TP-Link India Pvt. Ltd. elaborated about the current market landscape, their growth plans, channel strategy, targets and much more. 

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022

Bijoy: We have been growing at a steady pace in 2022 and just to make sure the pace doesn’t come down from post-covid, we had all plan in place. During pandemic, there was an unusual spike in the overall business due to the sudden surge in requirement of routers and networking products to always stay connected for WFH and LFH.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022.

Bijoy: We always look to grow double digits for sure and that is what is planned. Compared to the surge in the pandemic it will be challenging but the team is geared up especially with the Make in India initiative and many new product introductions in the market. These initiatives will help us to maintain and upscale our previous years performances.

DT: What are some key features that make your brand better than others?

Bijoy: Ability to adapt faster to the changing times and a vision to connect everything and everyone through our brand is the strategy we implement always. We are always a consumer-centric brand which learns the need of the customer and accordingly acts to make our product better or release new products to suit customer needs.

DT: How do you take care of channel margins & profitability?

Bijoy: Channel has become very competitive in today’s times especially with introduction of online e-com websites. This of course has some effect on their margins. But at TP-Link we make sure that there are always some rewards like foreign trips, gold coins etc to make them feel recognized towards their effort to develop and sell our brand. We also do have specific rebate structures to keep partners margins protected and push their profitability towards a sustainable level.

DT: Please share few sales tips for channel community.

Bijoy: Sales is always about observation and action. Observe what is around you, what your client or customer needs and then act accordingly by providing them exactly what is required. Understanding your consumer and taking them to their need is the crux of the case. Festivities make them feel connected to it through some gifts on buying. Also, you all please keep yourself more informed on the recent technology and provide a full solution to the customer. This will for sure keep the customer glued to you.

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