“To Stay Competitive, There's A Crucial Emphasis On Assisting Partners In Developing A Robust Online Presence”

“To Stay Competitive, There's A Crucial Emphasis On Assisting Partners In Developing A Robust Online Presence”

Acro Engineering Company showcased exceptional performance, crediting its success to the burgeoning demand for enterprise-grade solutions in India. This demand is fueled by the country's enthusiastic embrace of startup culture and the burgeoning AI/ML boom. In this interview Himanshu Jain, CEO and Director of Acro Engineering Company highlights the company’s performance in previous year, challenges for distribution business and ambitious plans for year ahead.

DT: How was your overall performance in the CY 2023?

Himanshu: In CY 2023, Acro Engineering Company demonstrated remarkable performance. Financially, we registered a robust YoY growth, attributing our success to the burgeoning demand for enterprise-grade solutions in India, a country fervently embracing startup culture and the AI/ML boom. Recognizing this trend early on, our company strategically positioned itself to cater to the evolving needs of the market. Through proactive communication and training initiatives, we empowered our channel partners to comprehend and leverage the growing demand for AI and ML solutions. This foresight not only bolstered our financial standing but also solidified our reputation as industry leaders, showcasing our commitment to anticipating trends and facilitating mutual growth for our company and partners in the dynamic technology landscape.

DT: What will be your expectations from brands or OEMs in the year 2024 that will help you scale business growth?

Himanshu: We expect brands and OEMs to address the escalating demand for storage solutions arising from the booming fields of research, content consumption, and creation. The surge in online and smart classes amplifies the need for affordable Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, crucial for homes, MSMEs, and educational institutions in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. With high-end CPUs and GPUs becoming commonplace, we anticipate innovation in cooling solutions to maintain optimal performance. Collaborative efforts in these areas will not only meet current market demands but also position our business for scalable growth, ensuring that emerging needs, especially in data storage and processing, are met with cutting-edge solutions catering to diverse consumer segments and educational requirements.

DT: What will be the major challenges for the distribution business in 2024?

Himanshu: The distribution business faces challenges amidst a shifting trend towards digital marketplaces over traditional stores. Adapting to this change, a major hurdle is the need to prioritize E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. To stay competitive, there's a crucial emphasis on assisting partners in developing a robust online presence. Navigating this digital landscape is essential to ensuring seamless delivery of services and products to end customers, demanding a strategic focus on e-commerce strategies to remain agile and responsive to the evolving preferences of the market.

DT: How are you planning to boost your distribution network and reach out to a large set of customers in 2024?

Himanshu: Our strategy to enhance the distribution network involves leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships. Emphasizing digital platforms, we aim to expand our online presence, tapping into a wider customer base. Additionally, targeted marketing campaigns, optimized logistics, and customer-centric initiatives will be pivotal, ensuring a seamless and efficient distribution process. This multi-faceted approach positions us to dynamically adapt to market trends, enhancing our distribution network's efficacy and enabling us to connect with a broader audience in the evolving business landscape.

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