“Seagate Continues to Empower Enterprises to Efficiently Store And Manage Large Volumes of Data For AI Model Training”

“Seagate Continues to Empower Enterprises to Efficiently Store And Manage Large Volumes of Data For AI Model Training”

Generative AI is a driving force behind the exponential growth of data in India and globally. As businesses and industries increasingly adopt AI for various applications, the amount of data generated continues to skyrocket. Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) is a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize data storage. HAMR technology is particularly important in the context of the growing demand for data storage, driven by trends such as cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence. In an exclusive conversation with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal, Mr. Sameer Bhatia, Director of Asia Pacific Consumer Business Group and Country Manager for India & SAARC at Seagate Technology shared his views about the rising demand for storage solutions, HAMR technology, exponential growth of data in India, future of data storage technology and etc. Read the excerpts below

Rajeev: How is Generative AI influencing the exponential growth of data in India, and what challenges and opportunities does this present?

Sameer: Generative AI is influencing the exponential growth of data in India significantly by creating more data than ever before, highlighting the need for advanced storage solutions. In the age where AI advancements have made data more valuable than ever, IDC predicts that data creation will greatly outstrip manufactured storage capacity by 15 times, and the global datasphere to generate 291ZB of data in 2027.

This surge in data presents challenges in managing the expanding digital footprint without increasing physical infrastructure. However, it also offers opportunities for innovation in storage technology, essential for handling the increasing volume efficiently. Areal density advancement in the hard drive technology has made increasing capacity per platter possible. The introduction of the new Mozaic 3+ hard drive platform ushers in a new storage era with an unprecedented 3TB-per-platter. It answers the challenges of scale, total cost ownership (TCO), and sustainability. These innovations enable the effective management of India's growing digital data needs.

Rajeev: Could you shed light on the potential of HAMR (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording) technology in terms of enhancing areal density and storage capacities?

Sameer: Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology stands at the forefront of enhancing areal density and storage capacities in hard drives, marking a significant leap in data storage technology. Uniquely implemented with a composite of complex nanoscale recording technologies and material science breakthroughs, HAMR significantly increases the amount of data that can be stored on each platter. This technology ensures greater reliability and performance by transforming data bits and packing them tighter, while maintaining magnetic and thermal stability.

Seagate’s Mozaic 3+ platform the culmination of Seagate’s decades of research and development, and an exemplification of areal density leadership. The platform enables substantial gains in storage capacity without increasing the data centre's footprint. This revolutionises data storage and management with improved efficiency and lower operational costs, paving the way for future advancements in storage technology tailored to meet the demands of increasing data volumes.

Rajeev: As Seagate continues to innovate, can you share insights into upcoming developments or initiatives that will further shape the future of data storage technology, specifically addressing the evolving needs of the Indian market?

Sameer: With the introduction of hard drives boasting unprecedented 3TB-per-platter and beyond, Seagate is enabling significant areal density improvements that are transformative for data centres. These innovations not only effectively double the storage capacity within the same data centre footprint, but also reduce per terabyte power consumption by 40%, underscoring Seagate’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Seagate plans to leverage Mozaic technology across the entire hard drive product portfolio over time. The company will remain focused on further increasing capacity per disk, enhancing data reliability and performance, and reducing environmental impact. This progression is vital for supporting a circular economy in India, supporting the nation’s ambition to become a leading digital economy by 2026. By addressing constraints in storage cost, scale, and sustainability, Seagate continues to empower enterprises to efficiently store and manage large volumes of data for AI model training and other critical operations, thereby driving innovation and business success.

Rajeev: Could you provide insights into Seagate's channel partner program? How does it contribute to the growth of channel partners working with you?

Sameer: Seagate's channel partner program is pivotal to the company's success and has been designed to cultivate profitable and sustainable partnerships. The program is a commitment to ensure partners optimise returns on investment, providing them with extensive training, co-marketing efforts, and essential business tools. This collaborative approach is centred on achieving mutual business growth and success. The program maintains open lines of communication with partners through various channels, including the Seagate SkyHawk Partner App. This app is a critical tool for partners, offering instant access to necessary information and resources that enable them to stay current with business developments and effectively serve customer needs.

Seagate measures the effectiveness of its partner program through engagement in training and events, sales performance, and the growth of the partner network. These metrics are crucial for evaluating the success of the program and are instrumental in guiding Seagate to refine and enhance partner strategies, ensuring continued progress and profitability for both the company and its channel partners.

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