“Over The Past Two Years, Our Growth Has Been Driven By The Unwavering Support Of Our Partners”

“Over The Past Two Years, Our Growth Has Been Driven By The Unwavering Support Of Our Partners”

Acer, a leading PC brand, has been aggressively expanding its presence in India, opening numerous stores to reach a wider audience across all region. The recent achievement of 200 stores underscores Acer's strong growth trajectory in the country. Sanjeev Mehtani, Chief Sales Officer of Acer India, recently spoke exclusively with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor of Digital Terminal, discussing the brand's retail expansion, future growth plans, and commitments to its customers. Read the excerpts below.

Rajeev: How do you feel on opening of the 200th exclusive store in India?

Sanjeev: This is just the starting and this is only one milestone which we have achieved. I am happy not only for this 200 store, I'm actually happy that we are on the way to 300 stores which we will announce very soon that by the year end or first quarter we should be reaching.

Rajeev: How do you look at your team’s efforts in achieving this milestone?

Sanjeev: In this short period, I believe it's essential to credit the entire team for their hard work in achieving this milestone. They have worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone in such a short time from when we started, about a year ago. To set a goal of 200 stores and actually achieve it is commendable, and all credit goes to them. I am confident that they will be able to achieve our next goal of 300 stores, and I have no doubt about their ability to do so.

Rajeev: What are your views on the integration of AI in laptops?

Sanjeev: AI is a rapidly evolving field that is set to revolutionize the way we work. In my opinion, AI is poised to have the same transformative impact on laptops as mobile phones did when they were first introduced. While AI has been around for many years, having it directly integrated into your device is a game-changer. It will not only enhance productivity but also provide a plethora of tools for creativity. I firmly believe that AI will be the game-changer for laptops, just as mobile phones were for the industry. We at Acer is completely ready to offer this new technology to our customers to boost their computing efficiency and productivity.  

Rajeev: Which are the key areas you are focusing on?

Sanjeev: Acer is not just an IT company; we are also diversifying as a group. In the future, you can expect to see an Acer mall, which I envision to be similar to an Acer Plaza or Acer store. This mall will offer not only laptops but also a variety of home appliances. By positioning ourselves in such a prominent location, like Noida Mall, we will be able to reach a wider audience and promote our products more effectively. In the coming six months, you can expect to see new additions to our mall, making it more of an Acer group store.

Rajeev: What strategies do you have in place to increase sales in the student segment?

Sanjeev: Our new launch includes the Predator with AI and the Swift Go, perfectly timed for the back-to-school season when students are seeking reliable devices. We are committed to making these devices affordable, and we are exploring longer EMIs with various financial institutions to achieve this goal. Breaking not only technological barriers but also financial ones, we aim to make technology accessible to everyone. I believe that students looking for laptops will also seek out these new technologies, making it a dream come true if we can make it happen.

Rajeev: How do you look at the support of your channel partners?

Sanjeev: Over the past two years, our growth has been driven by the unwavering support of our partners. Despite industry challenges, Acer has seen growth in both the consumer and commercial segments. This success is undoubtedly due to the strong support from our partners. I credit them for our achievements, and I believe that maintaining and enhancing our relationship with them is crucial. We will continue to focus on increasing interaction and ensuring their satisfaction.

Rajeev: What are your commitments to your loyal customers?

Sanjeev: Our customers should trust Acer because we are dedicated to providing more than just affordability. We aim to bridge the gap between technology and users, making technology more accessible and user-friendly. In addition to our products, we are committed to delivering services tailored to their needs. Our current focus is on enhancing the service experience because we believe that consumer service is paramount. By improving our services, we aim to build trust among our customers. This is just the beginning, and you can expect to see more innovations and improvements from us in the future.

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