“Our Vision Is to Establish SOLITAIRE As The Leading Brand In The IFPD Space in India”

“Our Vision Is to Establish SOLITAIRE As The Leading Brand In The IFPD Space in India”

The Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) market is witnessing a surge in demand driven by their pivotal role in modernizing education and corporate environments. With the shift towards hybrid and remote learning models, the need for interactive and engaging communication platforms has escalated, further propelling the IFP market growth. SOLITAIRE, owned by Supertron Electronics offers reliable IFPs and unified communication products to meet the escalating demand. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently engaged into an exclusive interaction with Dr. Ramya Chatterjee, Chief of SOLITAIRE Brand Business, CEO & Director of Prointek (the manufacturing division of Supertron Electronics). He shared crucial insights about their journey, growth, product offerings, future plans and much more. Read the excerpts below.

Rajeev: Can you provide information about the brand SOLITAIRE and journey building this brand?

Dr. Ramya: SOLITAIRE, owned by Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd., is a pioneer in reshaping the landscape of information sharing and absorption within the technology market. The company specializes in innovating & manufacturing technologically advanced products that are designed with an aim to improve the way people learn and communicate in this digital era. The journey of building SOLITAIRE into a reputable brand of Interactive Flat Panel and Unified Communications products has been marked by a relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Starting from the conceptualization phase, meticulous attention to detail was placed on designing cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates interactive features with intuitive user interfaces. Through strategic partnerships, targeted marketing efforts, a customer-centric service infrastructure & passionate team, SOLITAIRE quickly gained recognition in the market. Continuous refinement and enhancement of product offerings, coupled with responsive customer support, fostered trust and loyalty among users. As SOLITAIRE products consistently delivered superior performance and reliability, word-of-mouth endorsements, positive product reviews, customer endorsement, product quality certifications & prominent digital presence further propelled its growth. Today, SOLITAIRE stands as a trusted brand synonymous with excellence, revolutionizing interactivity and collaboration in various industries and sectors.

Rajeev: How are SOLITAIRE products bringing the change in classroom experience?

Dr. Ramya: SOLITAIRE stands as a premier brand in the realm of technology products. These products are dedicated to pioneering innovation and crafting state-of-the-art products aimed at revolutionizing learning outcomes and classroom experiences. The extensive range spans from in-classroom teaching products tailored for modern digital classrooms to sophisticated unified communication products to enhance productivity. The brand is dedicated to leveraging the power of interactive technologies to transform learning and collaboration experiences for a brighter, more connected future.

Rajeev: How does the company approach market penetration and expansion strategies?

Dr. Ramya: In order to distribute its technological solutions, SOLITAIRE uses a partner-centric Go-To-Market (GTM) approach, utilizing a sizable network of several hundred partners throughout India. These partners are essential to accessing a number of sectors, including as the federal government, education, defense, and SMEs verticals.

SOLITAIRE is a leading brand in the government vertical and the products are already registered in the Government e-Marketplace (GeM), making procurement procedure easier for government departments. Furthermore, the company actively participates in major ICT projects and Smart Class bids by closely collaborating with prominent System Integrators / Prime Bidders.

Through emphasizing alliances and cooperative efforts with System Integrators and other relevant AV & IT Partners, SOLITAIRE optimizes its market penetration and influence. By adopting this strategy, the business is able to establish itself as a reliable supplier of cutting-edge technological solutions and successfully cater to the various needs of many industries.

Rajeev: How the ‘Make in India’ initiative influenced you and what were the risks associated with manufacturing products in India.

Dr. Ramya: SOLITAIRE develops state-of-the-art products which are aimed at revolutionizing learning outcomes and meeting room experiences. Additionally, getting inspired by GOI’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, SOLITAIRE started manufacturing Interactive Flat Panels in India (SKD/CKD production) with the vision of exporting them worldwide. The manufacturing division takes full pride in its ability to conceptualize, design, and manufacture innovative products that meet the unique needs of Education & Enterprise customers.

The risks associated with local assembling of SOLITAIRE IFPD products in India included challenges in maintaining quality control, potential supply chain disruptions, and regulatory compliance issues. SKD assembly involves importing pre-assembled components for final assembly in the local facility, which can lead to inconsistencies in product quality if not closely monitored. Reliance on imported components also increases vulnerability to supply chain disruptions due to factors such as shipping delays, customs clearance issues, or geopolitical tensions. Additionally, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards throughout the assembly process is critical but can be complex and time-consuming. Despite these risks, SKD assembling offer cost advantages and enable localization efforts, potentially enhancing SOLITAIRE's market competitiveness.

Rajeev: Can you provide an overview of the future plans for SOLITAIRE?

Dr. Ramya: In addition to its existing range of IFPDs, UC devices, and related accessories, SOLITAIRE has long-term plans to introduce complementary products and solutions such as video walls, large-format displays, digital signage panels, controllers, Tiled LED displays (both indoor and outdoor), tablets, and collaboration software. This expansion aims to broaden our product portfolio, potentially reaching more customers and increasing our market share. While our current focus remains on the Indian market, we are also exploring opportunities for international expansion. Our vision is to establish SOLITAIRE as the leading brand in the IFPD space in India, supported by a robust service infrastructure, unwavering commitment to quality, and a rich array of product features.

Rajeev: How do you effectively manage the distribution of your diverse product portfolio, and ensure nationwide availability of after-sales services?

Dr. Ramya: SOLITAIRE products are distributed across India through the extensive distribution network of Supertron Electronics, leveraging their over 30 years of expertise in IT, AV, OA, and Networking domain. With a strong network of hundreds of resellers and dealers, 34 branch offices, 17 satellite offices, and 60 warehouses, Supertron Electronics has established a formidable presence in 28 states nationwide. Our robust service infrastructure, supported by skilled and trained service engineers spread across all states, forms the backbone of SOLITAIRE's service ecosystem. In remote areas, authorized service partners (ASPs) provide additional support, ensuring comprehensive coverage and customer satisfaction. Together, this ecosystem is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences for SOLITAIRE Products.

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