“Our Robust Channel Strength Is A Cornerstone Of Our Success”

“Our Robust Channel Strength Is A Cornerstone Of Our Success”

Unistal has become one of the well-known companies in the ICT domain with a huge customer base across India. In this exclusive interview with Alok Gupta, Managing Director of Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., we delve into the company's stellar performance in CY 2023, marked by remarkable growth and prestigious awards. Mr. Gupta also talks about the expectations for 2024, emphasizing 100% growth fueled by innovative solutions in oil, gas, water, and HR management.

DT: How was your overall performance in the CY 2023?

Alok: In the dynamic landscape of 2023, Unistal not only met but surpassed expectations, achieving remarkable growth and widespread acclaim across three pivotal sectors: Oil, Gas, and Water; Human Resource Management; and Data Security and Recovery. Our exceptional performance is highlighted by a notable turnaround percentage, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence in diverse domains. Our achievement has been duly rewarded, underscoring the remarkable work we have put forth with prestigious awards, such as the Best Leadership & Tech Visionary Award 2023, the title of 'Fastest Growing Brand for Project Management Solution in Water, Oil & Gas' at the 15th Digital Terminal Awards, and the coveted "Best Digital Connect Platform" at the Digital Terminal Conclave 2023.

DT: What are your expectations in terms of business performance and market sentiments in 2024?

Alok: As we enter the business landscape of 2024, equipped with our prepared solutions, we aim for a remarkable 100% growth this year. Our journey spans various verticals, marking significant milestones. Industry trends and government emphasis on digitization and automation across sectors highlight the relevance of our solutions in the oil, gas, and water industry. Our offerings support organizations in this sector to automate and digitize their processes. The key solutions include:

  • SmartGasNet: Solution for City Gas Distribution

  • PCMS: Pipeline Construction Management System

  • PIMS: Pipeline Integrity Management Solution

  • PAMS: Pipeline Asset Management Solution

  • SmartUtilitiesNet: Solution for Urban, Rural & Irrigation Water Distribution

Unistal has made substantial progress by deploying its SmartGasNet solution in numerous CGD companies, targeting a 50% market share in 2024. The company distinguishes itself as a trailblazer in GIS-based solutions, emphasizing innovation, reliability, and comprehensive project management across diverse industry verticals.

The second most important aspect that cuts across all industry sectors is Human Resource. Addressing this, our HRM Solution is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes Human Resource Management, integrating four robust modules to streamline processes and enhance organizational success

As the number of internet users grows day by day, cybersecurity becomes a default concern. We offer a Data Security and Data Recovery solution that is poised to advance rapidly. Our suite Protegent 360 ensures robust protection against data breaches and serves as a lifeline for data retrieval in unforeseen circumstances.

DT: Could you please tell us about two major tech trends that will dominate in 2024?

Alok: Stepping into 2024, a year of tech advancements, promises transformative shifts in user experiences and organizational tech trajectories. The primary trend focuses on elevating user and customer experiences, using technologies like AI/ML for customer experience and interactive engagements. However, challenges emerge as these technologies face exploitation by malicious entities, leading to the second major trend – a heightened emphasis on cybersecurity. Swift anomaly detection and immediate remediation efforts become crucial to counter emerging threats. While these trends enhance user experiences, effectively addressing cybersecurity challenges remains imperative to safeguard innovation.

DT: What is your current channel strength and how are you planning to strengthen your partner network in 2024?

Alok: In 2024, our robust channel strength is a cornerstone of our success, marked by a diverse network of partners. Acknowledging the evolving business landscape, particularly the shift from retail to online, and our strategic focus aligns with the changing dynamics. We are working towards strengthening the human resource management system and performance management companies. We plan to strengthen our network by engaging with additional System Integrator (SI) partners. The goal is to onboard 250 partners, ensuring representation across every corner of India. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, we aim to adapt to market changes and fortify our industry position.

DT: What will be the key trends that will dominate the Cybersecurity market in 2024?

Alok: In 2024, the cybersecurity landscape is poised for transformative changes, shaped by the dual nature of emerging technologies—bringing both opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately, these technologies can be exploited for malicious purposes, highlighting the pivotal role of cybersecurity. Firstly, the adoption of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions will be imperative for swift identification and resolution of cybersecurity issues, offering robust protection. Secondly, Security Operation Centers (SOCs) will gain prominence as secure log management becomes critical for regulatory compliance and penalty prevention. This accentuates the need for vigilant in-house or outsourced log monitoring.

Protegent stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, aligning seamlessly with emerging trends. Our advanced solutions provide comprehensive protection against evolving threats, especially addressing the needs of the vast tech-savvy consumer/home user market. With a dynamic data security and recovery solution, Protegent serves as a holistic security guardian for home users, ensuring the safeguarding of personal information and swift data recovery. Specifically tailored for online consumers, Protegent signifies a noteworthy advancement in cybersecurity solutions.

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