“Our Projector Segment Has Consistently Achieved The No. 1 Position For LED Projectors With 62% Market Share In Q2”

“Our Projector Segment Has Consistently Achieved The No. 1 Position For LED Projectors With 62% Market Share In Q2”

Over the years, ViewSonic has strengthened its product portfolio with many cutting-edge projectors for different consumer segments. It is dominating the Indian market with the unprecedented capabilities and strong distribution network across India. ViewSonic has shown a substantial growth in the Audio-Visual segment market and has been overpowering the segment with its best-in-class products. In a recent chat with DT, Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India commented on their growth, market scenario, channel plans and much more.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Muneer: With our constant aim to offer the best-in-class products, solutions and services to our patrons, ViewSonic is continuously upgrading the technology that goes behind these products to keep up with the newer and latest trends. Owing to the evolution, we have been the leading IFP brand since 2020, and gained a market share of 55% in 2021.

Witnessing the demand and growth of our projector segment in the past couple of years, we are seeing a promising opportunity to upgrade our existing products and develop newer ones too. Since 2021, our projector segment has consistently achieved the no. 1 position for LED projectors, and we captured a market share of 62% in Q2, 2022 according to the FutureSource India reports. The overall performance was above our expectations, and we look forward to a better 2023.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by the end of 2022-23.

Muneer: We are expecting a growth of approximately 20% in the Audio-Visual segment

DT: What features/vision make your brand better than others?

Muneer: There are a lot of features that make us stand out from our competitors and other industry peers. The technology that we use in our displays portray very different quality for our products. For our projector segment, we have our own patent feature- SuperColour+ Technology which brings a better visual experience. We also thrive in bringing the best products with upgraded technology and a user-friendly interface. From developing and innovating various products in the audio-visual segment, we are entirely focusing on creating a robust solution in the Edtech segment. In case of IFPs, we have our own integrated software myViewBoard which gives us more competitive edge over our competitors. Addition to these, we also bring collaborative solutions in our Edtech, which are compatible with our existing products such as projectors and monitors.

DT: How do you take care of channel margins & profitability?

Muneer: We have a robust network of channel partners, and our teams continuously plan and strategize for their margins and profitability. Extensive plans are laid out well in advance to generate maximum profits. We also help our partners with marketing collaterals and support them with activations and events to ensure the utmost business opportunities and revenue. To retain our relationship strong with our partners, we organize roadshows showcasing our existing and new editions. Experiencing a detailed demo of our products helps our partners better understand, which further entails them giving better clarity to our end consumers. This further builds a substantial commitment of our partners and end-users.

DT: Please share a few sales tips for the channel community.

Muneer: Organising regular B2B and sales events to meet and engage with the partners. Adding a personal touch and building a connect with the partners and stakeholders is the key to successful business. We also conduct workshops for our sales team, as well for partners for giving them detailed insights and better understanding of the product that we sell, and to make sure they believe in it. Our constant aim for providing good quality products and always make sure are consumers are getting the best-in-class solutions and products is what we thrive upon. Direct Reach/Demos to customers is salient while selling.

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