“In Our 23-Year India Journey, This Is The Best Revenue-Producing Year For Acer India”

“In Our 23-Year India Journey, This Is The Best Revenue-Producing Year For Acer India”

The innovations happening in the PC market are commendable as the tech brands have leaped a major gap to meet customers’ ever increasing requirements. The consistent efforts of the PC brands in bringing next-gen PCs showing the results in different industries either it is gaming, enterprise, or education. Acer is currently one of the leading PC brands in India and has brought world in class products for customers across all segment. Mr. Sanjeev Mehtani, Chief Sales Officer, Acer India, Bangladesh and Bhutan recently interacted with DT and highlighted their performance, vision, channel plans and growth strategy.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022

Sanjeev: In spite of the surge in global inflation and other obstacles like the shutdown in China, Acer has experienced significant revenue growth. I can further add that, in our 23-year Indian journey, this is the best revenue-producing year for Acer India. All of our segments, whether commercial or consumer, have experienced steady growth in 2022. In 2023, we project even better growth.

DT: What all features make your brand better than others?

Sanjeev: At Acer, we truly believe in two guiding principles: first, offering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, and second, empowering people with technology to break barriers. As a result, Acer typically introduces latest products first on a global basis.

Additionally, we committed to producing goods under the Make in India programme using our top-notch manufacturing standards, which are equal to those used by other nations, in order to meet consumer demands for performance and quality. In India, we already manufacture tablets, desktops, and all-in-one PCs. With the help of Make in India initiatives, we are now able to create our entire line of PC products, starting with the TravelMate series laptop and moving on to the Aspire 3 series laptop for the mass market.

DT: How do you take care of channel margins & profitability?

Sanjeev: We are able to offer superior margin structures due to our manufacturing expertise and Make in India initiatives.  Since there is less competition when we introduce new technologies to the market, there is always a potential to achieve larger profitability margins. Customers will only have a few options when we introduce advanced technology to the market. Additionally, this aids channels in maintaining margins and profitability. Offering some strong Consumer Offer from acer also help them in improving their Margin and Profitability. 

Additionally, we offer fraternity members options that assist with some of their running costs, making doing business with Acer simple.

DT: Please share few sales tips for channel community.

Sanjeev: If channel sales are managed effectively, we believe they may help a company expand and prosper quickly. However, the tactic goes beyond simply shipping things and crossing one's fingers. Success depends on carefully constructing a distribution channel network and taking the right steps to develop a strong, ongoing connection with each channel partner.

I believe some of the points with channel partners can keep in mind are - Understand how consumers think, connect with customers on a personal level, have in-depth knowledge about the products you sell, be ready for objection handling, sell the right product- do not oversell or undersell the product, and finally build a relationship not a transaction with the customer.

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