“Distributors Need To Establish A Formidable Online Presence to Stay Ahead Of The Competition”

“Distributors Need To Establish A Formidable Online Presence to Stay Ahead Of The Competition”

Acro Engineering, the well-known distribution company has been growing consistently since it’s inception by offering best in class and innovative products for customers across India. Its remarkable growth is fuelled by the strong marketing strategies and highly efficient partner network across India. The well-known distribution company has a strong bonding with vendors and partners. Himanshu Jain, CEO & Director, Acro Engineering Company recently talked to DT and shared insights about their performance in 2022, targets, offerings and plans to boost growth.

DT: Please share Overall Performance in Year 2022.

Himanshu: In the year 2022, we geared up to do our best in terms of revenue growth and were able to do 600Cr so far. It was a challenging year as users were waiting for components prices to come down and the sales were slow all year round.

DT: Please share target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.

Himanshu: We are aiming to achieve a target revenue of 750Cr by the end of 2022.

DT: What is your plan to strengthen your distribution business across all Indian market?

Himanshu: To strengthen our distribution business, we need to be highly aggressive on Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets and in order to do so we are strengthening our bonds with our vendors and partners. Even on marketing front we have geared up to enlarge our reach and become available in every micro location throughout the country.

DT: What all support do you expect from the brands for greater profitability & overall company growth?

Himanshu: The brands have already been a great support so far and we need to keep our relationship with them healthy and profitable. Our association with brands like XPG, MSI, Razer, Deepcool, Lian Li, Arctic gives us an upper hand of the competition as we get to be in control of almost everything from distribution to full-fledged marketing. This kind of support allow us to market their products better as we fully understand the need of the Indian audience. And, with ever rising consumers demands we expect brands to provide the best they can offer.

DT: What as per you is two biggest challenges for distribution business in India?

Himanshu: In a world of high competition and low margins, this is a difficult time for the distribution industry. Supply chain uncertainties, inventory issues, but the biggest challenge here is ever increasing demands of customers and e-commerce takeover. The E-commerce industry has greatly impacted the B2B industry and distributors need to establish a formidable online presence to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, the rising demands of consumers with each passing year forces distributors to act fast. While some distributions businesses are ready others are yet to understand what is going wrong with their business.

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