“Canon Aims to Reinforce Its Industry Leadership By Integrating Imaging Solutions Into Unprecedented Areas”

“Canon Aims to Reinforce Its Industry Leadership By Integrating Imaging Solutions Into Unprecedented Areas”

Canon India achieved remarkable growth in 2023 under its "Henkaku" (transformation) strategy. In 2024, their "Henkaku 2.0" strategy promises to build upon this success. During the interview with DT, C Sukumaran, Senior Director- Product & Communication, Canon India outlines company's performance, upcoming plans, and key trends in the Indian consumer printing market. He also sheds light on major trends that will dominate consumer printing in 2024, including the increasing adoption of digital printing and the rising demand from home users.

DT: How was 2023 for Canon India? Please shed light on the overall performance.

C Sukumaran: In 2023, Canon India's growth strategy was anchored on 'Henkaku', symbolizing transformation in Japanese, which guided our operations across infrastructure and product innovation, propelling us towards a triumphant growth trajectory. We expanded our imaging technology offerings to meet evolving market demands and ventured into new sectors.

Notably, our professional printing segment experienced remarkable growth, thanks to the introduction of pioneering products like the imagePRESS V series, imagePRESS TM series, and imagePROGRAF TC-20 series. Amidst changing work dynamics, we bolstered our consumer printing portfolio with the unveiling of 16 new products. To sustain our market leadership, we expanded our imaging portfolio across both B2C and B2B segments, catering to specialized needs such as the EOS R8 for wedding professionals and the EOS R50, EOS R100, and PowerShot V10 for content creators. Moreover, we introduced three state-of-the-art broadcasting cameras, including two indoor 4K Remote PTZ Cameras and outdoor PTZ cameras, to drive growth in the burgeoning streaming industry. Lastly, with network cameras playing a pivotal role in Smart City infrastructure, we made significant strides in this domain, aiming to emerge as a comprehensive surveillance solutions provider and systems integrator.

DT: Building on a strong year, what are your projections for Canon India's growth and the overall market outlook in 2024?

C Sukumaran: Following a remarkable year characterized by substantial growth across consumer and business segments, dubbed the year of 'Henkaku' or 'Transformation,' we are poised to build upon this success in 2024 with our 'Henkaku 2.0' strategy, incorporating valuable insights from the previous year. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and expansion, Canon aims to reinforce its industry leadership by integrating imaging solutions into unprecedented areas, unlocking new business prospects, and augmenting existing propositions.

In 2024, our focus lies on bolstering our presence in burgeoning sectors such as surveillance, broadcast, professional printing, and cybersecurity. Committed to fostering growth and innovation across all facets of our operations, we are extending our reach nationwide, particularly in Tier 2 and 3 cities, through strategic collaborations and tailored offerings. Overall, armed with our comprehensive 360-degree offerings, we are poised for even greater achievements in the upcoming year, propelling innovation and transformation within the imaging industry.

DT: As the consumer printing landscape evolves, what two technological advancements do you see shaping the market the most in 2024?

C Sukumaran: Positioned at the forefront of digital printing, Canon India boasts a diverse portfolio of consumer, professional, and enterprise printers, complemented by cutting-edge software technologies. The printing landscape today is on the cusp of rapid transformation, fueled by the widespread adoption of digital printing across India. Technological advancements, particularly the integration of digital printing across diverse industries, will spearhead this evolution.

Concurrently, the surge in PC penetration in India is driving substantial demand from home consumers for school/university projects and photo printing. Moreover, India's printing sector is poised for significant expansion, extending its reach to Tier 2 and 3 cities. This expansion is propelled by digital decentralization, creating ample opportunities for us to broaden our geographical footprint.

DT: What is Canon’s current channel strength and how are you planning to strengthen your partner network in 2024?

C Sukumaran: With a robust distribution network nationwide, we aim to further extend our presence by empowering partners through informative webinars and comprehensive training programs. These initiatives are geared towards equipping partners with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote Canon's solutions and leverage digital marketing strategies effectively.

We prioritize a digital-first approach to marketing initiatives and channel programs and leveraging advanced technology platforms such as Salesforce (SFDC) for marketing automation, we aim to digitize our channel programs for enhanced efficiency. Tools like "Canon Passport" and SECAP provide real-time visibility of sellout, enabling us to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and better serve our customers.

Leveraging programs like "Canon Passport," we aim to onboard active resellers, while targeted retail display initiatives seek to secure prominent shelf space in top retail outlets. Additionally, our "SI Level Up" project focuses on elevating the capabilities of top System Integrators across key cities, further strengthening our partner network and fostering sustained growth across all business segments.

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