“Because of Our Commitment, Customers Believe That We Are Not Just Vendor But We Are Their Trusted Partners”

“Because of Our Commitment, Customers Believe That We Are Not Just Vendor But We Are Their Trusted Partners”

The Indian cybersecurity market is growing at a good pace in last few years as demand for advanced threat protection solutions has increased exponentially. Due to this growth trajectory, channel business ecosystem has witnessed a positive impact where channel partners of all sizes are achieving good business growth. The cybersecurity incidents have increased significantly which is driving the security solution demand across all major market or verticals. In line with understanding the cybersecurity market landscape, Digital Terminal had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Prageet Anamaya, Director of Cybernet Security. He informed about market sentiments, product demand, business expansion and plans for the current financial year as well as their client handling in detail. Let’s take a look:

DT: Can you please talk about your business growth and achievements in year 2022?

Prageet: If We are talking about our business growth and achievements in last two years (Post Pandemic) it will be around 100% YOY basis which is increasing. In current year as well, our projection is to achieve at least 150% in this financial year in compare to last one.

DT: Can you shed some light on the rising demand for cybersecurity solutions? What is the core reason for adoption of advanced security solutions among Indian companies?

Prageet: The global cyber security market is projected to grow from USD 155.83 billion in 2022 to USD 376.32 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.4%. We have seen huge demand specially post pandemic, when world has moved into hybrid model, hybrid cloud, data consolidation, remote connectivity etc. and this is the core reason that Cyber security has become a foremost priority for the organizations in India. We have seen data breaches, cyber-attacks 200% higher than before pandemic.

DT: How do you see your business partnership with Kaspersky so far?

Prageet: We have been working closely with Kaspersky since inception and has observed huge growth together. We have been supported by the brand on all front and we are looking forward to continue this momentum in future as well. The trust of customers has been increasing on Kaspersky products which not just allow us to sell the products with ease but to grow our business at an accelerated pace. Additionally, we get all possible support from team Kaspersky at every point of business so ultimately, we feel very honored and excited to work with Kaspersky.

DT: How do you look forward to build huge customer base by deploying Kaspersky solutions across various segment?

Prageet: Kaspersky has diversified portfolio to protect different critical layers of security, be it Endpoint, Email, Server, Data storage, Industrial cyber security, Threat Int etc. And today, if we look at segment wise scenario most of our clients are looking for single console of management and single vendor to serve all these solutions. Hence, we really look forward to build this kind of momentum with target prospect customers in various segment across industries.

DT: What will be your key Go-To-Market strategies?

Prageet: We always work on our GTM strategy in advance which help us in achieving our set goal. Our key strategy remains direct reach out to maximum customers, existing customers for upsell/cross sell and net new prospect customers with key messaging that we serve solutions across all critical layers of protection with a strong track record of powerful threat detection capabilities. I believe that solutions which could not detect threats, can never protect your infra from internal as well as external threats.

We will also like to plan some events like CISO round table or CIO meet to invite key/focus 40-50 CXO’s and give them overview on Kaspersky advancement in portfolio and latest use cases etc.

DT: Please brief about your vision behind starting your organization. How do you manage to overcome initial challenges?

Prageet: We founded our organisation in year 2010. Now we have 12 plus years of experience in Cyber security domain. From the day we have started, it is very much clear that we are here to serve our customer in terms of support as well as sales. Why I am saying support because this is our primary concern. We believe that our customer needs individual attention, not ready-made products. If we are talking about initial challenges, yes, there were some challenges. But personally, I have belief that if you have to grow, u need to face the challenges. It all depends how you take it. Because of our commitment to our customer, they believe that we are not just vendor, we are their trusted partners.

Cybernet Security is one of our leading channel partner who has performed quite well for us in recent years

Mr. Dipesh Kaura, GM, South Asia Kaspersky
Mr. Dipesh Kaura, GM, South Asia Kaspersky

Putting across his thoughts about the growing cybersecurity landscape and partner ecosystem, Dipesh Kaura, GM, South Asia Kaspersky said, “We have observed a positive change in the Indian cybersecurity ecosystem. The growing consumption of cybersecurity solutions across sector has been quite amazing for us as we are able to fulfill this demand through our industry-leading solutions. Cybernet Security is one of our leading channel partner who has performed quite well for us in recent years. Now with the growing market demand, we believe partner like Cybernet will keep on grabbing the existing and emerging opportunities and will support digital transformation journey of Indian companies by deploying best Cyber security solutions.”

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