“At Beetel, Our Extensive Distribution Network Has Been A Core Strength Right From Our Inception”

“At Beetel, Our Extensive Distribution Network Has Been A Core Strength Right From Our Inception”

Beetel Teletech has witnessed diverse growth in 2023 with strategies aimed at meeting the evolving market demands. Through strengthening partner network and nurturing the customer relationship, Beetel is set to boost its growth trajectory. In an exclusive interview, Sanjeev Chhabra, Managing Director and CEO of Beetel Teletech shares its plans to continue the growth momentum.

DT: How would you summarize your performance in CY 2023?

Sanjeev: Reflecting on CY2023, our performance showcased a diverse growth. The positive impact post-COVID and a robust order book from the previous year played pivotal roles in concluding the past ten months on a high note. The festive season emerged as a particularly successful period for our consumer business, marking a significant milestone in the category. As we approach the new year, we anticipate a promising start in alignment with our growth forecasts.

DT: What will be your expectations from brands or OEMs in the year 2024? Are there any advice/suggestions for brands for better mutual growth in the year to come? 

Sanjeev: Beetel's strategy has been clear from day one, focusing on strengthening our partner network, empowering them to deliver inventive solutions, and nurturing customer relationships through strong partnerships with our OEMs and strategic accounts. With the rise of Cloud, IoT, and AI, OEMs are aligning themselves in this ever-evolving terrain. Recognizing this shift is vital for staying competitive. While a cutting-edge approach is necessary, we must remain attentive to customer expectations, considering their price sensitivity and resistance to change. It is imperative to stay vigilant in this evolving landscape.

DT: What will be the major challenges for the distribution business going forward in 2024?

Sanjeev: Given the current business scenario, Beetel does not anticipate any significant challenges in the coming year. Instead, the industry appears to have a positive outlook due to various economic initiatives, considering India as a bright spot in the world. The primary obstacle at hand, which poses a substantial disruption not only to the distribution business but also to global economies, is geopolitical turmoil. This has the potential to alter business trajectories, affecting everything from supply chain dynamics to fluctuations in currency, impacting business end to end.

Beetel is actively expanding and fortifying its project and services arm, with a specific emphasis on strategic accounts. This initiative has a dual impact. While it promises long-term assured contracts, it also exerts immediate pressure on working capital. Attrition is another significant hindrance contributing to challenges within the industry as a whole.

DT: How are you planning to boost your distribution network and reach out to a large set of customers in 2024?

Sanjeev: At Beetel, our extensive distribution network has been a core strength right from our inception, enabling us to reach customers across India. Today, our channel ecosystem spans over 1,500 partners, 10,000+ retailers and 500+ distributors across 400+ cities.

We prioritize partner enablement initiatives at Beetel. We make certain that our partners possess a comprehensive grasp of our product portfolio, equipping them to tackle intricate customer issues. This involves, among other things, promoting the growth of MSI as a segment and focusing on software, security, and services as distinct categories.

As we move into 2024, further boosting our distribution footprint will be a key priority. In fact, we've already laid the foundations of this endeavour by recently expanding our reach to key emerging markets such as Zimbabwe, Algeria and Nepal.

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