“2024 Will Be A Year Of New Technology Adoption, With AI Playing A Key Role”

“2024 Will Be A Year Of New Technology Adoption, With AI Playing A Key Role”

From the Technology leadership, quality and performance of Crucial products to a robust after-sales support system, discover how Micron strikes a balance between price, performance, and quality. To know more behind the success of Micron Technology in the Indian market, we spoke to Rajesh Gupta, Director Sales - India & SAARC. He shares key insights into the factors fuelling their growth as well Micron's message for channel partners in 2024, highlighting the shifts in technology, AI integration, and opportunities in Data Centers and the Automotive sector.

DT: How has Micron succeeded in the Indian market, and what factors have contributed to this huge growth?

Rajesh: Micron's triumph in the Indian market in recent years can be credited to few key factors. Firstly, the quality and performance of Micron's Crucial products have earned recognition for their robustness and reliability over the past four years. This solidified Crucial's reputation in the market. Secondly, Micron established robust after-sales support by partnering with Kaizen Services within six months of entering India. Covering around 40 cities, Kaizen ensures efficient warranty replacements, boosting customer satisfaction. Lastly, a well-established channel and distribution network are pivotal in Micron's success. The company has nurtured a strong network of partners due to transparent policies, fostering confidence. In conclusion, Micron's commitment to high-quality products gaining strength from the technology leadership, efficient after-sales support, and a robust partner network has led to its thriving presence and reputation in India.

DT: How does Micron strike a balance between price, performance, and quality to meet customer satisfaction?

Rajesh: Micron stands out in the competitive landscape due to its end-to-end approach in handling DRAM and NAND components. While other companies source components from various vendors, Micron takes charge of the entire process—from design to manufacturing and finishing. This meticulous approach ensures complete control over product aspects, setting high standards for quality and reliability. Despite potential competition on price, Micron prioritizes maintaining these standards. Although our products may not always be the most economical, customers rely on the consistent quality, reinforcing our reputation and ensuring satisfaction in the long run. Micron aims to strike a balance between price, performance, and quality, recognizing that true value lies in the reliability and performance of our products.

DT: What is your message for Micron's channel partners for 2024?

Rajesh: In 2024, we anticipate a strong recovery in the memory and storage sector, driving innovation and technological advancements. Channel partners must stay updated on market trends. Key transitions include the integration of AI technologies, like ChatGPT, enabling businesses to achieve previously impossible tasks. Partners need to actively embrace AI as a valuable tool. Data center dynamics are changing due to the Indian government's data storage mandate, offering opportunities for local investments.

The automotive sector is witnessing major shifts with autonomous vehicles and EVs, turning into mobile data centers and creating opportunities for partners. AI affects big companies, small businesses, and even smaller devices, emphasizing the need for partners to adapt quickly. The adoption of AI-enabled servers, desktops, and mobile devices will increase in 2024. These technology transitions are not just talking points, they are on the verge of practical deployment, and partners must navigate these shifts for sustained success in the evolving tech landscape.

DT: In what ways is Micron prepared to support transitions in the upcoming year?

Rajesh: From Micron's perspective, we believe we have product leadership in our components as well as end products. Our DRAM technology node is now 1β (1-Beta), and we are already shipping DRAM on that node. NAND, which is built by stacking multiple layers, has reached 232 layers for Micron even in our mainstream products while we launched it two years ago in consumer products. This positions us well to support these transitions. In summary, 2024 will be a year of significant recovery and new technology adoption, with AI playing a key role. It's crucial for everyone to be up to date and figure out how to leverage these changes for their business’ competitive advantages and to identify new opportunities.

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