Moj Launches Special Virtual Gifts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Moj Launches Special Virtual Gifts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

We have officially entered the month of love and all things adorable!  From 'rose day' to 'kiss day,' and all the special days represent a romantic gesture towards your heartthrob. As we begin Valentine's Day week, a special week to make your loved one feel cherished, there’s a brand-new way to proclaim your love this season. Moj has something special in store for its community this Valentine's week with the release of limited-edition virtual gifts to commemorate the season of love.

Each day, beginning with Rose Day on February 7th, new virtual gifts will be added to the Moj LIVE gifting tray. Users can gift their favourite creator or express their affection by showering these adorable and oh-so-mushy virtual gifts during any LIVE session, including Creator Battles and Gifter Battles! In the app, these virtual gifts can be bought via Cheers (virtual coins).

27 cheers = INR 9

To use the cheers and spread love on the app, users can follow the below guide:

·         Click on the LIVE segment on the bottom right of your screen and join the session of your favourite creators

·         You can view an array of virtual gifts that denote a specific amount of cheers that will be launched daily

·         7th February: ‘Rose Day’: The “Rose” and “Flowers” were launched at 1499 cheers and 19 cheers, respectively

·         8th February: ‘Propose Day’  "Love Ring" and “Heart Hands” were launched at 499 and 79 cheers

·         On 9th February, as we indulged ourselves with chocolate treats celebrating  ‘Chocolate day’: the "Choco Treat" can be bought for 749 cheers

·         10th February for Teddy Day, the cute  "Teddy" can be gifted for 99 cheers

·         11th February, as we promise our love on Promise Day, the "Promise" can be made with only 9 cheers

·         12th February, as we all celebrate it with warm hugs with our beloved on Hug Day: you can send a virtual "Hug"  with 9 cheers

·         Additionally, you can ask your loved one for a cup of coffee by sending them a ‘Mug’ only at 49 cheers, express your love via “Phone heart” at 49 cheers, and maybe pop the question virtually via “Bling ring” with 3999 cheers. Many other adorable virtual gifts will be seen on the platform this week.

So, instead of going on a shopping spree, celebrate this season of love with these exciting, limited edition virtual gifts available only on Moj LIVE beginning today!

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