RummyCulture Recognized as ‘Nation Trusted Rummy App’

RummyCulture Recognized as ‘Nation Trusted Rummy App’

RummyCulture has recently been certified the title of the 'Nation's Trusted Rummy App'. This recognition was conferred upon RummyCulture by Unomer, a leading mobile market research platform, through an online quantitative survey that was conducted between February and March 2023. Moreover, RummyCulture was also accredited with the highest endorsement for ‘My Money Is Safe with Them’ based on the deposit and withdrawal of money carried for users on the RummyCulture platform.

Unomer is a mobile market research platform that reaches millions of consumers through a network of mobile apps and gathers consumer insights, feedback and opinions through interactive in-app surveys. The company conducts unbiased research using the digital river sampling methodology, among smartphone users. In regard to RummyCulture, Unomer conducted a quantitative randomised online survey with a sample size of 2000 respondents, conducted with a confidence level of 99% and a margin error of less than 5%. Participants belonged to both metro and non-metro areas located in the North, South, East, and West zones of the country and were between the ages of 21-50 years.

As an ISO-certified gaming platform, RummyCulture ensures that all payment gateways used by the app are PCI DSS compliant. It also has the "No-bot" certification, indicating that there are no systems in place to allow the use of bots to control, mimic, assist, aid, or override real player actions. The card shuffling system of the app has been certified by iTech Labs (Australia) for using a Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures that all players receive cards randomly, selected from a well-shuffled deck and are dealt with fairly by the system, without any bias.

Amit Kushwaha, Head - Brand & PR, at RummyCulture, said, “This recognition by Unomer is a significant achievement for RummyCulture, which has always strived to provide unparalleled gaming experience for its players. This is a testament to the continuous efforts of RummyCulture to ensure the safety and security of its players' data and money. With this milestone, RummyCulture reinforces its commitment to strive for excellence and credibility, to sustain trust among its players.”

Vinay Bapna, Co-founder & CEO, Unomer, said, "We are delighted to announce RummyCulture as India's trusted rummy app, as per our latest online quantitative survey. RummyCulture received the highest endorsement among all the leading rummy apps in India, indicating their consistent efforts to offer a secure and reliable gaming platform for their players. We are glad to be working with brands that prioritize users and their safety while providing cutting edge tech and entertainment."

In the methodology of the survey, respondents were targeted and invited to take a mobile in-app survey and were screened for demographic and profile requirements, as per the research requirements. This was a self-administered survey that removed the bias of the interviewer and its effect. The topic was not revealed to the respondent, to eliminate the self-selection bias. The questions and response options were neutrally worded to ensure unbiased responses. Respondents were asked to choose the app that they would recommend based on how much trust they place in the platform when it comes to their funds.

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