NEW STATE MOBILE Rolls Out June Update

NEW STATE MOBILE Rolls Out June Update

NEW STATE MOBILE announced its June update. This month’s update includes a new map for 3-team Round Deathmatch (RDM) mode “DEAD ROCK,” new customization for “L85A3” upgrade feature for legendary vehicle skins, Survivor Pass Vol.20 and a “Hide Helmet” option.

DEAD ROCK is a map for 3-team RDM mode where three squads of four players clash within a shrinking combat zone. Unlike other deathmatch arenas where two opposing teams face off, in DEAD ROCK, the contest of three teams requires players to respond to a more diverse set of variables. Up to four rounds are played, with the first team to claim victory in two rounds emerging as the final winners.

The second customization for the assault rifle L85A3 is the “Dedicated Suppressor.” With this new customization, damage and silencing effects increase, but both vertical and horizontal recoil also slightly increase. For the “MG5” light machine gun, which was introduced in last month’s update, the recoil control that was applied when the “Dedicated Extended Mag” was used has been slightly reduced.

Achieving certain upgrade levels will enhance the appearance and enable the change of colors. Additionally, driving effects and boost effects are added, and the vehicle can be summoned from the Starting Island. The tokens needed for the upgrade of legendary vehicle skins can be obtained by acquiring the legendary vehicles that the players already have from Lucky Spin or Crates.

The protagonist of the newly released Survivor Pass Vol.20 is “Jean” of Project Justice. Upon achieving all pass levels, Jean’s character skin can be obtained for free.

A new season of “Ace League,” which only players with tier scores of 3000 points or more (Diamond V) can participate in, will begin. The preliminaries will take place from July 8th to 14th, and the main event from 15th to 16th, each day for two hours.

“Hide Helmet” feature has been added to allow players hide the appearance of their character's helmet. When activated, the appearance of the helmet being worn disappears from the player's own perspective. However, it is still visible from the perspective of other users.

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