Maximize Your Gaming Performance with Gamdias CHIONE M4 Series Liquid Coolers

Maximize Your Gaming Performance with Gamdias CHIONE M4 Series Liquid Coolers

The growing adoption of liquid coolers among gaming enthusiasts signifies a paradigm shift in cooling technology. As CPUs become more powerful, the demand for efficient thermal management has soared. Gamdias empowers gamers with its powerful and cutting-edge CHIONE M4 series liquid cooler. This advanced liquid cooler not only ensures optimal cooling for high-performance gaming but also elevates the gaming experience to new heights. 

Elite Cooling Power

The CHIONE M4-360 liquid cooler delivers powerful cooling for your CPU through its patented in-line PWM pump, a 32mm thick radiator, and three 120mm ARGB fans to reach new levels of coolness. It also features a 2.1" LCD screen on the water block that displays CPU temperature, fan speed, and pump speed stats in real-time.

Real-Time System Information Display

The 2.1" LCD screen on the water block displays the CPU temperature, fan speed, and PUMP speed scales to monitor essential system status in real time. The CHIONE CAST LITE software enables full customization of charts and temperature unit displays (°C/°F).

Exclusive In-Line PWM Pump

The patented in-line pump comes with PWM control, providing stable yet powerful liquid circulation to cool down the CPU temperature efficiently while creating minimal vibrations for a silent and steady operation.

Next Generation Radiator

The 32mm thick radiator features much denser radiator fins for improved cooling performance, the increase in dissipation surface allows the radiator to provide excellent noise-normalized performance.

Perform In Style

Built with an emphasis on superior airflow performance, the PWM fans operate up to 2000 RPM and provide airflow of up to 69.01 CFM. The fans feature hydraulic bearings for silent operations and fully addressable low-profile ARGB lighting providing a modish look with a long lifespan.

Synchronize Your Setup

For stunning and customizable ARGB lighting effects, the CHIONE M4 series requires connection to the motherboard via 3-pin 5V ARGB headers. It's also compatible with the GAMDIAS AEOLUS BOX and mainstream RGB software.

Rotatable CPU Water Block

The water block is rotatable in 360°, allowing hassle-free installation without worrying about aesthetics. Connect the USB cable prior to adjusting the screen's orientation.

Key Highlights:

  • Rotatable 2.1" LCD Displays Real-time System Information

  • New Cooling Route System for Better Performance

  • Patented in-line PWM Pump up to 5400 RPM

  • 25%-40% Increase in Radiator Fin Thickness

  • Optimized Copper Base for Better CPU Contact


  • ARGB Motherboard Sync

  • Hydraulic bearing PWM fans

  • 450mm Durable Teflon Tube

  • Aesthetic Nylon-braided Tube Sleeve

  • Universal Mounting Kits

  • Support LGA 1700 / AM5

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