KRAFTON Launches Road To Valor: Empires Mobile Game

KRAFTON Launches Road To Valor: Empires Mobile Game

Road To Valor: Empires, KRAFTON’s latest mobile game brings thrilling battles to all strategy gaming enthusiasts. With numerous guardians, factions, and units to choose from, the key to winning every battle lies in choosing one’s deck strategically. With careful consideration of unit strengths and weaknesses, players can create a balanced force to fill the 8-slot deck.

Here are some must-haves to create a balanced deck:

Offensive Units for Swift Assaults

Choose units with high attack damage to build a strong offense that can help launch swift attacks on the opponent. Berserkers and Cavalry units such as Viking Axe Cavalry and Legion Lancers, excel in rapid movements and powerful strikes. Viking Ambushers, Valhallan Warriors and Boar Riders are some of the other units that can help one overpower the opponent.

Defensive Units for Neutralizing Enemy Attacks

Protect your troops and towers with dedicated defensive units. Spearmen such as Yamato Spearmen and Valkyries, shield units such as Legion Shieldsmen and ranged units such as Dwarf Trappers prove to be valuable assets. Spearmen pierce cavalry armour, shield units provide protective barriers, and Dwarf Trappers lay effective traps to ensnare enemy units

Epic Units for Dealing High Damage

Epic units possess immense striking power, making them formidable assets on the battlefield. Achilles can neutralize cavalry units while Spartacus can inflict heavy damage to enemy units and towers. From Brunhild to Rustam, having at least one epic unit in your deck can be a game-changer.

Magic for Quick Area Damage

Magic spells offer quick area damage, effectively clearing out enemy groups or weakening enemy towers. The Rain of Arrows, Summon of Lightning and Quick Sand has the ability to deliver a potent strike against multiple foes or slow down or immobilize adversaries.

Elite Powers to Take Down Lethal Enemy Units

Leverage the unique capabilities of elite units to neutralize formidable enemy forces. Manhunters possess the ability to temporarily stun adversaries while Assassins excel at dealing critical damage, making them ideal to take down epic units.

Maximize Faction Effect

To optimize faction effects in your deck, incorporate the guardian and assemble 3 or 5 units from the same faction. This grants your units an HP boost or reduces incoming damage. By selecting a Roman Guardian and including 5 Roman faction units in the deck ensures a 5% HP increase to all Roman units and enhances HP recovery.

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