Global e-Cricket Premier League to be Streamed on JioCinema and Sports18 Network

Global e-Cricket Premier League to be Streamed on JioCinema and Sports18 Network

The world of sports and entertainment is about to witness a remarkable event, Global e-Cricket Premier League (GEPL) presented by JetSynthesys. GEPL opens doors to cricket, video gaming and e-sports enthusiasts, offering a magnificent prize pool of INR 2.51 crore. It is set to revolutionize the cricket gaming industry, blending the finest elements of cricket, video gaming, esports, and entertainment, building an unprecedented platform for aspiring young talent to showcase their potential.

GEPL will be streamed on JioCinema and Sports18, reaching millions of viewers daily. The world’s first ever e-Cricket league furthers Viacom18’s vision to beat the curve and bring diverse and engaging content to viewers, especially from newer frontiers such as esports that has evolved into a mainstream genre of sports. 

GEPL transcends the boundaries of conventional sports, infusing the exhilarating excitement of video gaming with the unparalleled passion for cricket, drawing its inspiration from the world's most popular skill-based free-to-play (FTP) mobile cricket simulation game, Real Cricket™. As the first and largest team-based e-Cricket league, GEPL paves the way for new employment opportunities across all facets of the esports ecosystem, including operations, players, broadcast, talent, etc. As part of the eight teams, GEPL will offer salaries to the top players, enabling them to transform their passion for gaming into illustrious careers, vying for the coveted title of the ‘e-Cricket Icon’ globally. 

Embarking on this extraordinary journey, GEPL initiated the registration phase, starting on 28th June ending on 8th July garnering over 2 lac registrations from a pool of over 1 crore e-Cricket athletes who on an average played an hour a day the sport of Real Cricket. Following this remarkable prelude, the qualifiers commenced from 14th July till 10th August, unleashing a fierce battle within the hallowed arena. Here, participants engaged in exhilarating single-elimination matches, fighting tooth and nail to emerge as the crème de la crème, the top 100 players. As the veil of competition lifted, these athletes advanced to the revered draft phase. 

Beyond gamers, the viewers get ready to traverse through the corridors of dreams and dive into the depths of imagination. With JioCinema and Sports18, GEPL entertainment experience will reach soaring heights. 

Rajan Navani, League Promoter and Founder and CEO of JetSynthesys, expressed his excitement about GEPL, stating, "Global e-Cricket Premiere League (GEPL) is set to revolutionize the way consumers engage with esports. We are excited about the prospects of a league that will redefine the cricketing landscape in esports and enable players and fans to experience an engaging gaming platform. With GEPL, we aim to transform the esports industry and create new avenues for aspiring professionals to pursue their passion in a more structured and career-oriented manner." 

Rohit Potphode, CEO & League Commissioner of GEPL and President of Esports at JetSynthesys, added, "Global e-Cricket Premiere League (GEPL) strives to be a champion of the esports industry, uniting gaming, entertainment, and cricket enthusiasts across the nation. We are committed to fostering growth, promoting talent, and empowering players to achieve their full potential through our platform. With a focus on authenticity and excellence, we aim to bring the excitement and thrill of esports cricket to fans in India and around the world, creating a culture of enthusiasm and passion that resonates with the enthusiasts. 

“We have been focused on serving the rapidly growing esports fanbase with engaging, fresh, and unique content,” said a Viacom18 spokesperson. “It is an exciting proposition to present a tournament that marries India’s love for cricket, with the youth’s increasing preference for gaming and entertainment all in one place. With newfound consumer preferences for digital and esports coming together through JioCinema and GEPL, we want to redefine the viewer experience in this genre.”

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