2nd Annual MENA Gaming & eSports Summit to Take Place From May 30th

2nd Annual MENA Gaming & eSports Summit to Take Place From May 30th

The international gaming industry is expected to obtain an irrevocable title by 2027, aiming to reach over $350 billion in a matter of years – with the MENA gaming market being projected to hit a staggering $5 billion in revenue. Moreover, the eSports market now has over 350 million players across the Middle East, and this number continues to grow exponentially due to the region’s high youth population and gross income. All in all, the world of gaming and eSports seeks to see nothing but all-encompassing highs as time and innovation progress.

With these factors in mind, Verve Management is back to acknowledge the boom within the ever-growing sector with its 2nd Annual MENA Gaming & eSports Summit – the first of its kind in Dubai. Taking place at the Address Dubai Marina, UAE, on May 30th and 31st, the event is expected to feature titans of the industry, ranging from dignitaries and developers to investors and influencers from all over the MENA region.

For local game developers, eSports enthusiasts, and like-minded pioneers, the MENA Gaming & eSports Summit this year boasts an array of endless possibilities and insights to continue putting forth just how much there is to gain from a sector that is so rapidly inclining.

At the summit this year, attendees will be in the presence of some of the region’s most recognized players within the gaming & eSports landscape, including:

·       Lokesh Suji - Director at Electronic Sports Federation of India

·       David Fernandez Remesal - CEO at Sandsoft Games

·       Kareem Seddik - CEO & Founder at YallaPlay Games

·       Jing Wang - Founder & CEO at Sawa Group

·       Maros Bezak - Chief Strategy Officer at Tamatem

·       Mohamad Zehtabi - Studio Director at LeanGo Studio

·       Vincent Ghossoub - Co-Founder & CEO at Falafel Games

·       Mario Rizzo - Co-Founder & CEO at Artisan Studios

·       Murshid C - CEO at Cakebyte

·       MJ Fahmi - CEO at Babil Games

·       Rafed Salem - Head of Localization at Riot Games

In a world driven by technological advancement, the growing use of smartphones, AR, and VR adds additional value, thus continually driving the gaming & eSports market toward long-standing success. “Every successful game has started with an idea, to come up with content that people in this day and age, in this generation will enjoy,” said Ahmad Yassin Al Natsheh, Founder & CEO of Khosouf Studio Middle East said at the inaugural edition of the summit last year. Attendees this year can expect to delve deeper into every aspect of this advancement at the 2nd edition, grasping insights from key thought leaders. 

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