upGrad's Collaborative Initiative with Microsoft and IIIT Bangalore Redefines AI Learning for Leaders

upGrad's Collaborative Initiative with Microsoft and IIIT Bangalore Redefines AI Learning for Leaders

upGrad announces a new Certification on its portfolio in GenAI for Leaders with Microsoft and IIIT Bangalore to build a larger community of AI-ready business experts in India. This unique 4-month course is designed with applied learning concepts to train mid-career and seasoned professionals with core AI competencies, positioning them as formidable forces within the tech field.

This industry-first curriculum leverages an inclusive framework enabling learners to assess, design, and transform business problems by applying acquired knowledge in real-life situations. The curriculum is bolstered by strong tech faculty support from India’s premier research university, IIIT Bangalore. It includes live sessions with Microsoft, setting the right tone for India Inc. to upskill and lead the global AI talent supply chain. 

The pedagogy also includes other elaborative elements such as:

  • Build Your Own Business (BYOB) Case allows learners to bring their own business cases and develop solutions throughout their learning journey, ensuring relevant and hands-on experience

  • Engage with industry stalwarts with extensive tech backgrounds, including the Chief Technology Officer of Capgemini, an Entrepreneur and Former Partner at Tata Insights and Quants, the AI/ML Lead at Jio Platforms Limited, and a Former Principal Data Scientist at Hewlett-Packard (HP India), through live sessions and masterclasses

  • Include six modules encompassing understanding and application of AI and Gen AI in business, and crafting strategies with ROI-focused project planning

  • Curated Capstone Projects to apply learned concepts to a comprehensive project, demonstrating mastery

  • Reverse-engineered content and workshops with Microsoft and certification to enhance professional credentials

  • 25+ live classes, multiple workshops, and access to cutting-edge AI tools such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, etc.

“As Generative AI revolutionizes the workforce, mastering AI-driven productivity tools is crucial for professionals. This course not only teaches leadership in the AI era but empowers leaders to implement and spearhead GenAI initiatives practically. By joining forces with upGrad and IIIT Bangalore, we offer real-world exposure and seamlessly integrate AI tools into educational frameworks. Our strategic industry-academia collaboration equips professionals with the skills to thrive in the evolving tech landscape, driving innovation, and sustainable growth in India’s tech sector,” said Venkat Krishnan, Executive Director of Public Sector, Healthcare, and Education at Microsoft India. 

Commenting on building a skilled nation and contributing to India’s 2047 dream, Dr V Sridhar, Professor In-charge of Continuing Professional Education, IIIT-Bangalore explained the programme is structured to be in line with the market requirements. “AI, and in particular Generative AI is making inroads into every aspect of business processes including marketing campaigns, customer service, and process automation across varied industries such as transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail to name a few. When technologies such as these get embedded into businesses, it is the need of the hour for senior leaders to understand how such technologies can be deployed optimally within their organisations to reap the maximal benefits for all stakeholders including customers, employees, and business partners. With this in mind, we at IIIT-Bangalore, in collaborative partnership with the tech industry, offer this programme targetted at business leaders to understand and deploy effective AI solutions in their organisations.”

"This course is not about teaching leadership in the AI era but empowering leaders to adopt and lead GenAI initiatives in a practical way. With the rapid evolution of the industrial landscape, mastering Generative AI is no longer optional but essential," concluded Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, upGrad. "Our collaboration with Microsoft and IIIT-Bangalore brings together the best of academia and industry, providing professionals with the skills needed to stay ahead. Leaders need to understand and leverage AI for driving business results and therefore, upskilling in such industry-ready skills will drive the next wave of talent and economic growth in India."

Certificate in GenAI for Leaders is set to become a pioneering force addressing the dynamic needs of today's workforce - also ensuring that learners emerge as adept AI leaders. Learners completing the course and graded projects will be eligible for a completion certification from IIIT-Bangalore along with a 1-day offline immersion at both - the Microsoft Development Centre and the IIIT-Bangalore campus (each). 

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