BLACKbox Academy Launches BLACKbox Certified Program

BLACKbox Academy Launches BLACKbox Certified Program

BLACKbox is a popular solution that provides data protection, information security, and IT standardisation to thousands of Indian MSMEs. In order to provide a career programme for IT professionals, students and freshers who want to pursue careers in IT, Synersoft has launched BLACKbox Academy. The opening was conducted by Vishal Prakash Shah, Co-founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies on 28th April 2023. The main objective of this programme launch was to promote employment, entrepreneurship, and skill upgrading.

The focus was on having a programme certification that will land them greater employability opportunities. Desktop support IT professionals typically begin with moderate pay and work largely on contract positions. The expansion of both positions and earnings eventually stops. They can choose an IT management position at an MSME organisation by earning a BLACKbox certification. Synersoft collaborates with skilled BLACKbox Certified Security Experts to handle the installation and maintenance of BLACKbox deployments.

Desktop and hardware engineers have extraordinary profit potential with these outsourcing contracts. The lessons are taught by competent and experienced professors that are employed by BLACKbox Academy. Online sessions are conducted using Zoom. E-learning, live instruction, exercises, case studies, and evaluation are all included. There are four levels of BCSP courses offered by BLACKbox Academy. Blackbox installation is covered in detail in Level 1. Level 2 gives training on converting customer needs to BLACKbox setups. Level 3 offers instruction in customer service, while Level 4 involves participation in a real installation of BLACKbox.

Vishal Prakash Shah, Co-founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., stated, “It is a lucrative career choice for learners or recent graduates who want to work in the IT industry as well as existing IT professionals. The management of the BLACKbox is required by thousands of customers. Having a BLACKbox certification may increase their employability. Blackbox Academy is targeted towards future generation and a profession's growth can be aided through upskilling. As a result, younger generations will have the opportunity to pursue careers in the field and get valuable experience working on projects that will benefit decades to come.

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