Exclusive Chat with Kaspersky Leaders I Elizaveta Kaydash & Purshottam Bhatia

Kaspersky stands as a stalwart in the cybersecurity realm globally, pioneering innovations that empower both businesses and individuals amidst the rapid digital evolution. Recently, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor of Techbiz TV, engaged in an exclusive interaction with Elizaveta Kaydash, Vice President of Consumer Channel, and Purshottam Bhatia, Head of Consumer Business in South Asia, delving into Kaspersky's triumphs, the ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape, novel solutions, the pivotal role of channel partners, and a myriad of other pertinent topics. This insightful dialogue sheds light on Kaspersky's ongoing commitment to safeguarding digital realms and fostering a secure digital future for all. Watch this video for more information.