DT Ignited Digital Transformation Across Indian Businesses at 8th DT Conclave 2023

DT Ignited Digital Transformation Across Indian Businesses at 8th DT Conclave 2023

Digital Terminal achieved a significant milestone by successfully concluding the DT Conclave 2023 along with the prestigious DT Tech Leadership Awards 2023. The event was aimed at propelling the digital transformation journey of Indian businesses.

The DT Conclave 2023 emerged as a resounding success, solidifying its reputation as a premier platform for fostering digital transformation. The event, now in its 8th edition, inspired and equipped the CIOs/CTOs/CISOs to navigate the evolving digital landscape. The thoughtfully planned agenda ensured that attendees left the event with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

With a dedicated focus on empowering businesses in their digital transformation endeavors, the Conclave brought together over 150 prominent dignitaries, including CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and influential leaders from the IT industry. These industry dignitaries shared insights, strategies, and best practices that are crucial for achieving success in the ever-changing digital world.

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, networked with peers, and gained valuable knowledge to steer their organizations toward greater digital maturity. The DT Conclave 2023 not only celebrated past achievements but also set the stage for continued growth, ensuring that Indian businesses remain at the forefront of the global digital transformation journey.

Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher, Digital Terminal and Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, Digital Terminal extended their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the esteemed guests who graced the DT Conclave with their presence. The felicitation ceremony was a gesture of recognition and respect for their contribution to make the event successful.

Digital Terminal also set-up a dedicated product zone which allowed the exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge products and solutions to audiences. It provided a valuable chance for brands to engage with potential customers. The companies who displayed their products during the event were Iris Global Services, Sophos, VNS International, Crucial by Micron, Rocware and Lightstorm.

Keynote Session by Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, (Among Top 4 Cyber Lawyers Around the World)

The DT Conclave 2022 played a crucial role in emphasizing the imperative for businesses to embrace next-generation technologies to propel their future growth. The conclave stood out by featuring impactful sessions that enriched the experience of attendees. DT Conclave featured an important keynote session by Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, (Among Top 4 Cyber Lawyers Around the World). He took the stage to deliver crucial insights about the ever-increasing use of Generative AI and its safe practices for seamless business operations. He said, “Generative AI and cybersecurity are different ball games altogether. A significant advantage in terms of bolstering cybersecurity is at least you know where the vulnerabilities are so that you can actually go ahead and block them through robust cybersecurity tools. But the problem is there are two kinds of AI systems one is autonomous and another is semi-autonomous either way you are ultimately dealing with a black box.

Dr. Pavan further added, "Generative AI platforms can steal information that is the reason, China has come up with a new law on 15th August 2023 called the interim measures on Generative AI where they audit Generative AI platforms for the purposes of findings. You can't predict how AI is going to actually function. Everybody knows AI is biased if you look at all these platforms, they have been all trained on Western data. So, the bias exists left right, and centre.”

The DT Conclave proved to be a platform where brand representatives played a pivotal role by taking the stage and delivering important presentations. These presentations were instrumental in imparting valuable information about their products and services. These sessions allowed attendees to gain a firsthand understanding of the latest innovations.

Exclusive Launch of HP Workstation and Laptop

The event also witnessed two significant product launches by HP. Mr. Neeraj Garg, Managing Director, VNS International (One of the top channel partners of HP) along with Ayon Roy, Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador launched the HP Z4 G5 desktop workstation and latest version of zBook Power G10 laptop. These products are designed to deliver the best-in-class experience to users with high-end specifications.

Panel Discussion 1: Unleashing The Potential Of Generative AI In Conjunction With Robust Security Solutions

Digital Terminal hosted the 1st panel discussion around Generative AI and Cybersecurity which holds significant value in today’s digital era. The panellists discussed the key aspects of Generative AI in conjunction with robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Mr. Vishal Parekh, CMO, Nodwin Gaming, Ex Marketing Director, Kingston Technology brilliantly led the panel discussion with esteemed panelists including Mr. Naveen Kumar, Director Sales India, North & East, Sophos, Mr. Ravindra Arora, Global CISO & DPO, Infogain Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, (Among Top 4 Cyber Lawyers Around the World), Mr. Nirupam Srivastava, Vice President - Strategy and AI, Hero Corp, Mr. Sujoy Brahmachari, CIO and CISO, Rosmerta Technologies Ltd and Mr. Ayon Roy, Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador.

The special session for Digital Live Services, featuring Mr. Virender Singh, CEO of the company was truly remarkable. With a primary focus on Make in India innovations for Digital Transformation, Mr. Singh's insights were highly valuable. He shared a wealth of knowledge, shedding light on the company's pioneering approaches to the digital landscape. The session captivated the audience's attention, providing profound insights into the transformative potential of digital technology

Panel Discussion 2: Need For Resilient & Scalable IT Infrastructure

The second panel discussion at the event proved highly insightful, thanks to the valuable contributions of industry veterans. Once again, Mr. Vishal Parekh took charge of the stage as a moderator and led the panel discussion. The discussion revolved around the critical topic of "The Need for Resilient and Scalable IT Infrastructure." This dynamic conversation delved into the challenges and opportunities in building robust IT systems that can withstand disruptions while accommodating scalability demands. The panelists for this panel discussion were Mr. Rajesh Khurana, Country Head-Consumer BU, South Asia & Africa, BIWIN Technology, Mr. Binoy Subba, Head of Channel Program, Lightstorm, Mr. Rohit Sharma, National Presales Manager, India & SAARC, Micron Technology, and Mr. Himanshu Chawla, Director, Co-founder & Technology Evangelist, Iris Waves Pvt. Ltd (Ex Microsoft & Sun Microsystems).

Expressing his happiness over the success of DT Conclave 2023, Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher, Digital Terminal said, “DT Conclave is definitely one of the most significant platforms for market players and industry experts to come together and delve into the latest technologies that are reshaping the landscape of Indian companies. The 8th edition of DT Conclave has registered remarkable success, and we are truly humbled by the overwhelming response we received from the industry. Our ability to connect with such a vast and engaged audience was further amplified by our digital platforms, which reached thousands of live viewers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, esteemed speakers, all attendees, and everyone who played a part in supporting DT Conclave 2023 and contributing to its tremendous success."

Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, Digital Terminal, expressed her views on the immense success of DT Conclave 2023. She said, "We are very pleased with the results we have achieved, as this platform and all the discussions that took place here will undoubtedly propel businesses forward on their digital transformation journeys. The Conclave's role as a leading platform signifies its impact in shaping the narrative of digital evolution in India. As Indian businesses increasingly recognize the importance of embracing digital technologies, DT Conclave continues to offer a vital space for knowledge sharing, networking, and the formation of strategies that drive success in the digital age.”

DT Tech Leadership Award 2023

Digital Terminal also announced the winners of most prestigious DT Tech Leadership Awards 2023. This coveted accolade was bestowed upon the most impactful IT leaders in recognition of their outstanding contributions towards propelling the digital transformation journeys of their respective organizations. With such initiatives, DT aims to acknowledge the relentless dedication and outstanding contributions of CTOs, CISO and CIOs. In today's world, the role of IT leaders has assumed even greater significance as they serve as the backbone of any organization, spearheading initiatives that pave the way for remarkable digital journeys and sustained growth.

DT Conclave 2023 achieved remarkable success, building on its legacy as a leading tech event. With insightful discussions and engaging sessions, the event continued to be a pivotal platform for shaping digital transformation journey of businesses. The event was successfully held with the help of leading tech brands who extended their support to DT. The presenting partner of the event was Dell Technologies whereas Sophos was the Powered by Partner. HP and VNS International were Presenting Partners for DT Conclave. Gold Partners were Crucial by Micron, Lightstorm, SupertronVAD, Iris Global, ADATA and Rocware. Secureye and Uniline were Supporting Partners and IndiaIT360 was Digital Partner. Media Partners were TechBiz TV, Telecom Today and the event was managed by News Dot Media Pvt. Ltd.

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