DT Conclave 2023 to Focus on Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI to Boost Digital Transformation Journey

DT Conclave 2023 to Focus on Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI to Boost Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Terminal is excited to announce the 8th edition of much-awaited DT Conclave 2023 is all set for 29th September, 10 am at Hotel The Surya, New Delhi. This prestigious event will serve as a pivotal platform, bringing together esteemed Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and IT Managers from prominent companies across India. The DT Conclave 2023 will foster discussions on the technological advancements and emerging trends that are reshaping the digital transformation journey of Indian businesses.

Digital Terminal is a prominent tech media house and consistently strives to bolster the ICT industry by providing a platform where stakeholders can engage in discussions and deliberations on innovations, current trends, opportunities, adoption strategies, and challenges. Once again DT Conclave 2023 will shed light on the path forward for companies aiming to accelerate their digital transformation endeavours. The main attraction of the conclave is panel discussions with the industry dignitaries already prepared and waiting for tomorrow to lead the platform and guide upon accelerating the digital transformation journey among organizations across various sectors. Throughout the two distinct sessions, the prominent speakers will share their insights to enable organizations make their way forward for a seamless digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation is a revolutionary shift and a full-fledged journey of integrating digital technology into every aspect of an organization. The adoption of new technologies by the firms and the ignorance of Indian puls in sharing personal data blindly on several digital platforms have fuelled the digital transformation process to a worrisome level. Moreover, the transition requires a completely renovated organizational culture and mindset along with the technical changes. Above all, digital transformation is a must for all sizes of firms to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive corporate culture. DT Conclave 2023 is prepared to facilitate a meaningful panel discussion throwing light upon these significant issues.

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Session 1: Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI in Conjunction with Robust Cybersecurity Solutions

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a testament to the remarkable strides made in the field of machine learning. Generative AI has experienced exponential growth and adoption among businesses. This session at DT Conclave 2023 will aware technology leaders to leverage this next-gen technology. The following topics will be key highlights of the discussion.

  • The Rise of Generative AI: Exploring the transformative potential of Generative AI in driving innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and streamlining business operations. Participants will delve into real-world use cases, applications, and best practices for effectively leveraging this technology.

  • Cybersecurity in the AI Era: Recognizing the challenges and threats posed by the integration of AI technologies and understanding how to develop robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard sensitive data, critical systems, and intellectual property. Experts will share insights on emerging cybersecurity trends and offer strategies to mitigate risks in the evolving digital landscape.

  • The Intersection of AI and Privacy: Navigating the complexities of data privacy and protection in the era of AI. The discussion will focus on the ethical implications of AI, compliance with data protection regulations, and ways to strike a balance between innovation and privacy.

Session 2: Need for Resilient & Scalable IT Infrastructure

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the need for resilient and scalable IT infrastructure has become more critical than ever. Businesses, organizations, and even individuals are increasingly reliant on technology to drive operations, innovation, and communication. This session will help tech leaders and businesses to understand the significance of building a resilient IT infrastructure. The following topics will be key highlights of the discussion.

  • Building Resilient IT Infrastructures: Emphasizing the need for resilient and scalable IT infrastructures to support AI-driven applications and services. Participants will explore cloud computing, edge computing, and other infrastructure trends that enable organizations to meet the demands of AI technologies efficiently.

  • Human-AI Collaboration: Recognizing the importance of collaboration between humans and AI systems for optimal performance and productivity. The session will discuss strategies for creating symbiotic relationships between humans and AI, highlighting the role of AI in augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them.

Session 3: DT Tech Leadership Awards 2023

CTOs and CIOs play pivotal roles in shaping the technological landscape of organizations, making them one of the cornerstones of success in today's dynamic business world. These visionary leaders are entrusted with the responsibility of charting the course towards technological innovation and ensuring that their organizations remain competitive in an ever-evolving tech ecosystem. Recognizing their relentless dedication and innovative spirit, Digital Terminal takes pride in honoring these officers through the DT Tech Leadership Award 2023, a highly coveted accolade in the Indian ICT industry. The DT Tech Leadership Award not only celebrates their achievements but also fosters an environment where tech leaders are inspired to pioneer novel ideas and approaches for a secure and seamless digital journey for their organizations.


Mr. Vishal Parekh

Chief Marketing Officer, Nodwin Gaming, Ex-Marketing Director, Kingston Technology


Dr. Pavan Duggal

Advocate, Supreme Court of India, (Among Top 4 Cyber Lawyers Around the World)

Mr. Naveen Kumar

Director Sales India, North & East, Sophos Technologies

Mr. Ravinder Arora

Global CISO & DPO, Infogain (Among India's Top 5 Most Recognised CISOs)

Mr. Rajesh Khurana

Country Head-Consumer BU, South Asia & Africa, BIWIN Technology

Mr. Himanshu Chawla

Director, Co-founder & Technology Evangelist, Iris Waves Pvt. Ltd (Ex Microsoft & Sun Microsystems)

Mr. Nirupam Srivastava

Vice President - Strategy and AI, Hero Corp

Mr. Sujoy Brahmachari

Technology Evangelist and Information Security Expert

Mr. Ayon Roy

ZbyHP Global Data Science Ambassador

Mr. Dominic Vijay Kumar

Senior VP & CTO, ART Housing Finance (India) Ltd

Mr. Binoy Subba

Head of Channel Program, Lightstorm

Mr. Rohit Sharma

National Presales Manager, India & SAARC, Micron Technology


The audience for DT Conclave 2023 will be the key industry leaders comprising IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, Admin Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, GMs, VPs, CMOs, COOs from Enterprise, SMEs, MSMEs and SMBs segments. The physical event will be attended by more than 120 IT leaders. The conclave will be streamed live as well on YouTube and Facebook channel of publication to reach more than 5k viewership. 

Partners On Board

This mega event has been supported by leading tech brands in India. Dell Technologies is the presenting partner whereas Sophos is powered by partner. HP and VNS International are associated as the Platinum Partner and IndiaIT360 is the Digital Partner for the event. Micron, Lightstorm, SupertronVAD, Rocware, Iris Global Services and ADATA are the Gold Partners. The supporting partners are Secureye and Uniline. Media Partners are TechBiz TV and Telecom Today and the event is managed by News Dot Media Pvt. Ltd.

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