DT Awards 2022 Concluded Successfully as Best Tech Brands got Honored in India

DT Awards 2022 Concluded Successfully as Best Tech Brands got Honored in India

Digital Terminal, the leading tech media house has once again successfully concluded its 14th edition of DT Awards. The event was held on 22nd December 2022 and it was live telecasted on the official YouTube channels of Digital Terminal and TechBiz TV. The virtual DT Awards show is unique and designed in a very innovative way. Determined to concrete the association among brands and partners and to take the ICT market in India to another level, DT has always invested efforts in the right direction and in the most innovative way.

The DT Awards 2022 recorded tremendous success and garnered record-breaking viewership on YouTube. The event was brought together all leading tech brands under one roof and hosted a great show. Digital Terminal saw an irresistible enthusiasm among IT players and the brands who were nominated for DT Award. The award ceremony was grand and gained praises from everywhere. The buzz in Indian IT market for DT Award always remains very high and this time too, the talks regarding DT Award show made it the much awaited and successful show. Ultimately, the virtual award ceremony was a BIG HIT.

Like all previous editions, the DT Awards 2022 also witnessed huge success. Organizing such a wonderful show is not easy and we worked really hard to keep the standards high. To maintain the credibility of DT Awards, we have conducted market survey and partner’s feedback along with online voting. Along with that, market trends, market share, market growth, product quality, partner support and customers’ feedback were equally evaluated to reach to the right decision. By all means, each and every award is justified to the nominated category.

On the occasion, Rajeev Ranjan, Publisher and Editor, Digital Terminal said, “We are very delighted and happy to share that the 14th edition of DT Awards has become yet another successful event. We worked really hard to make this event successful as we endeavour to contribute to boost the growth of ICT industry. The response which we have got for DT Awards 2022 is amazing. I would like to congratulate all the winners who have won and wish them more success ahead. I would also like to appreciate the never ending support from the industry and all our partners.”

While expressing the views on success of DT Awards, Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, Digital Terminal commented, “We are overwhelmed with the overall response and we are very happy that we have successfully organized yet another edition of DT Awards. I congratulate all the winners for winning DT Awards. We put huge efforts to organize such wonderful event and we feel great when we get this kind of response.”

DT Awards 2022 honored the tech brands in more than 80 categories. Dell was conferred as the winner at DT Awards 2022 and named as the Best Commercial PC Brand 2022. On the other hand, Acer was recognized as Best PC Brand in India whereas ACER PREDATOR won Best Gaming Laptop Series 2022 award. TP-Link was honored in two categories including Best Wireless Router Brand 2022 and Best Smart Home Camera Brand. Kaspersky was also awarded in two categories which includes Best Cybersecurity Solution Brand 2022 and Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution for Indian Customers. Crucial by Micron also won two prestigious awards, it was named as Most Popular SSD Brand in India and India’s Most Channel-Friendly Memory Brand 2022.

During the speakers’ slot at DT Awards, Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, CMD, Iris Global Services said, “2022 has been a very tumultuous year for many of us there was a time when there was a shortage of equipment I.T equipment in the country people had to wait six to nine months to get laptops but 2022 has changed all that now their Surplus I.T. There are more products than demand but in reality what we are seeing is that the demand for certain products may have slowed down but overall the demand is growing very rapidly. We have found new areas where people are buying equipment people are buying Solutions and they're coming through a new source of channels which we are very optimistic about. I believe that 2023 will be a very good year especially because government is spending a lot of money and we should all use that opportunity to see how we can increase our business share. I would like to wish all the partners and the brand owners a very successful 2023.”

“These days it's a very exciting time for the Indian industry as we are seeing a lot of mileage from the Made in India options but that is driving a very different mind-boggling growth in the storage industry. Currently we are selling branded SSDs from HP and Acer in India and we are also involved into producing customized storage solutions for various applications in the industry like automobile, medical, Electronics, and factories. My objective of this talk is to make people aware that there is a big opportunity we are standing on in the next 10 to 15 years,” concluded Mr. Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager-India & SAARC, Consumer Business, BIWIN Technology.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Country Manager-India, GALAX commented, “I want to congratulate Digital Terminal for organizing yet another award event and bringing all the brands together under one roof. This Symposium has become an opportunity for brands like us to learn and to strategize our market planning.”

Sophos won Best MDR Cybersecurity Brand 2022 as well as India's Most Preferred Cybersecurity Brand 2022 awards which shows their leadership in the cybersecurity segment. ASUS received Best Gaming Graphics Card Brand 2022, Best Gaming Monitor Brand 2022 and Best Mesh Router Brand awards. Whereas, ASUS ROG was named as Best Gaming Motherboard Brand 2022. ESET won Best EDR Solution for SMB & Enterprise and Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Brand in India awards. Seagate also named winner in three categories including Best HDD Brand 2022, Best Surveillance Storage Solution Brand 2022 and Best Customer Service Excellence Brand 2022. On the other hand, GALAX received Most Advanced Graphic Card Brand and Fastest Growing Gaming Gear Brand in India awards during the show. WD_Black honored with Best SSD Brand 2022 award whereas SanDisk won Best Flash Drive Memory Brand 2022 award.

If you had missed the opportunity to witness the award show live, here is the link for you. After all, 'stating the obvious needs no evidence’:

Watch Complete DT Awards Show (Digital Terminal)

Watch Complete DT Awards Show (TechbizTV)

DT Awards 2022 was supported by Dell Technologies, Acer, Iris Global Services, TP-Link, Kaspersky, Micron, Sophos, ASUS, ESET, GALAX, TAG, ViewSonic, Optoma, MSI, D-Link, ADATA, Microtek, ASRock, Digisol, Cooler Master, Portronics, Uniline, Consistent, Elista, Ant Esports, Videotex, OSCOO, Blaupunkt, Secureye and Fortune Marketing. 

This grand virtual event was executed & managed by Newsdotmedia Pvt. Ltd. The media partner for this event was Telecomtoday.in and Online TV Partner is TechBiz TV.

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