DT March Issue 2023

DT March Issue 2023

Digital Terminal's latest March 2023 issue is a very special edition from the editorial perspective. The March issue emphasizes on the latest trends in the IT industry. This issue holds a significant value as it will be distributed at the 30th Convergence Expo and 8th Smart Cities Expo in New Delhi.

DT March issue carries multiple interesting editorial stories including ChatGPT, 5G and eSports. The industry players shared their views on these latest technologies, growth of the market and future growth prospects.

In the ChatGPT story, the top security market players have shared their views with DT on how this next-gen technology is influencing the world and what would be its impact on security architecture of organizations.

The 5G story focuses on the business transformation with this next-gen networking technology. The evolution of businesses will be quite interesting to see and the industry experts talked upon these aspects in this industry story.

On the other hand, eSports story revolves around the advancements happing in the sector, government's role in the growth of the industry and other key areas where government need to focus for an inclusive growth.

DT has also incorporated certain other stories also that give a brief view of the latest updates, launches, partnerships, appointments and etc.

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