VingaJoy Unveils SPEED PROCH-1040 Fast charger

VingaJoy Unveils SPEED PROCH-1040 Fast charger

VingaJoy has launched its all-new VingaJoy SPEED PRO CH-1040, 65 W fast Charger in the Indian market priced at only Rs.1290/-. The VingaJoy safe & fast charger has good functionality and supports PD, QC, Warp, Dash, Flash, Dart and Turbo.

One of the world's best and most significant fast chargers has been introduced. Here are all the specifics of this ground-breaking new invention that has the entire world in a whirlwind.

The VingaJoy SPEED PRO CH-1040, 64 W fast Charger supports USB charging for Android phones, and other gadgets. It includes a USB A to USB Type-C cable, which is common on phones, and other devices. The VingaJoy Speed pro CH-1040 Charger has safety features to prevent over-voltage, short circuit, and overheating. The VingaJoy charger is extremely portable and a lightweight design that works well in travelling also. You get one water bottle free on buying a 2 piece combo of CH- 1040 charger.

The co-founder of VingaJoy, Mr. Lalit Arora, commented on the unveiling by saying, "We are pleased to launch our all-new VingaJoy Speed pro CH-1040, 64W fast charger. The brand-new CH 1040 is a good option for anyone searching for a fairly priced, dependable, and quick charger that supports numerous devices. Battery life issue is something that most of the mobile users are facing right now, you can use the phone for half a day and then plug it in to recharge it and wait until its life is back on. Through the use of VingaJoy fast charger you don’t have to wait for a long time, within 15-12 min your mobile is ready to use.”

Priced at Rs.1290-, the VingaJoy Speed pro CH-1040 Charger comes in white colour and is available in all the leading retail stores.

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