Videotex Unveils Cutting-edge 32” and 43” QLED webOS TVs

Videotex Unveils Cutting-edge 32” and 43” QLED webOS TVs

Videotex has unveiled its latest innovation, introducing 80cm (32”) HD and 109cm (43”) FHD webOS Hub 2.0S operated TVs for the Indian smart TV brands. These cutting-edge televisions are poised to revolutionize the entertainment experience for Indian consumers, combining advanced technology with cost-effective pricing in the realm of smart TVs. 

Crafted with a sleek metal design and a borderless screen, these TVs showcase an array of features including ThinQ AI-based voice recognition, Remote PC functionality, and a rich selection of apps for seamless access and control. The newly included Bluetooth smart TV remote, featuring a dedicated ThinQ AI voice control button, enhances the TV operating experience.

The magic remote, equipped with direct hotkeys for popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Quick Access, a convenient Click wheel, and other advanced functionalities, ensures effortless navigation. Moreover, serving as a universal controller, it extends its capabilities to manage other devices like soundbars and AV receivers. Complementing this, the LG ThinQ app enables users to wield control over their TVs directly from their smartphones, adding an extra layer of convenience and flexibility.

Featuring the latest webOS 2.0S, these TVs unveil a revamped dashboard and user interface, while the card app conveniently organizes similar apps into groups. Notably, Videotex, as the pioneer Indian ODM securing a Dolby Audio License, integrates cutting-edge audio technology, ensuring an immersive sound experience for viewers.The Quantum Luminit+ Display, with an impressive 94% DCI-P3 coverage, combined with the new ARM Quad-Core processor, ensures precision in picture quality and depth in sound. With audio and picture quality as its forte, Videotex places a significant emphasis on research and development and technological enhancements, offering high-end features in smaller-sized TVs.

Equipped with 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, and remote meeting apps supported by a webcam these TVs provide a versatile solution for work meetings or virtual connections with friends and family. Offering Family Settings to establish a child-friendly TV environment, these TVs ensure a secure viewing space, guarding against inappropriate content and monitoring usage time.The inclusion of Eye Care Mode further prioritizes viewer well-being by reducing eye strain. Additionally, these TVs seamlessly integrate with iOS devices through Apple AirPlay, granting access to Apple services such as Apple TV, HomeKit, and Apple Music, while enabling screen mirroring on a larger display. Furthermore, LG’s ThinQ app facilitates convenient control through both Android and iOS devices, supporting dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity.

Pioneering technological advancements, Videotex introduces an upgraded Realtek Chipset in webOS Hub 2.0S TVs, optimizing picture quality through depth analytics extraction powered by an AI engine. This enhancement refines sharpness and contrast, elevating the overall visual experience. Supporting HDR formats like HDR10 for vivid and detailed images, and HLG for expanded color gamut, these TVs deliver exceptional viewing quality. The gaming experience is further enhanced with a new gaming dashboard that includes features like Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for reduced input lag, MEMC technology for smooth motion, and 4K upscaling to improve picture quality from HD sources. This comprehensive suite ensures a superior and immersive entertainment experience for gamers and viewers alike.

Mr. Arjun Bajaj, Director of Videotex, reflected on the launch, stating, "With an industry legacy spanning nearly four decades and a portfolio encompassing over 20 esteemed brands in India, we take immense pride in our role as pioneers of technology. Our influence on the market stems from our commitment to innovation and expertise. We attribute our success to robust supplier relationships, leading-edge products, a skilled R&D team, and an ever-evolving manufacturing approach. These latest 32” and 43” smart TV solutions from webOS Hub epitomize a seamless fusion of cutting-edge features and competitive pricing, establishing a fresh industry benchmark.”

LG's ThinQ app streamlines TV access via smartphones, leveraging AI technology to offer personalized recommendations based on users' entertainment preferences. Furthermore, innovative exercise apps transform the living space into a personalized gym, featuring a virtual trainer. This unique setup enables users to observe themselves and receive real-time feedback during workouts, creating an immersive and interactive fitness experience with one-on-one sessions guided by fitness professionals.

In the upcoming months, Videotex is set to inaugurate a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, featuring complete backward integration and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. With a production capacity of 1.8 million TVs, the company aims to achieve a total capacity of 3 million TVs. Videotex is recognized for manufacturing TVs for several prominent Indian brands, including Realme, Toshiba, Lloyd, BPL, and Reconnect by Reliance Group, as well as Vise by Vijay Sales, Hyundai, Hisense, and over 20 other leading Indian and international brands. 

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