Stuffcool Launches ChargeCube 30 Mini Power Strip

Stuffcool Launches ChargeCube 30 Mini Power Strip

Stuffcool has launched its latest innovation –  ChargeCube 30, a mini power strip with 3 AC Sockets, a Type C port and a Type A port. The ChargeCube is a modern take on power strips – making a traditional power strip more compact. With type C and A ports, the ChargeCube eliminates the need to use an AC Socket to charge your Macbook Air M1/M2, phones, personal devices thereby reducing the space a traditional power strip occupies on your desk.

The ChargeCube features 3 AC sockets that are evenly placed so as to make sure 3 proper appliances can connect to the ChargeCube easily without any hassle. With a total output of 1500W, you can connect any simple electrical appliance to the AC Socket of the ChargeCube. Do note, the sockets provided are standard 6A sockets and hence you cannot connect heavy electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ACs that need 15A sockets. You can plug your entire desk or TV setup such as a Monitor, Printer, Speaker or Lamp to the ChargeCube and power them all! For a TV setup, you can plug in your TV, SoundBar, a gaming console and power them all as well!

Besides these 3 AC sockets, the ChargeCube features a Type C and Type A ports that provide a total output of 30W. The Type C port individually is capable of providing power upto 30W and is compatible with PD and PPS fast charging protocols! In essence, you don't need to use a AC Socket for your Macbook Air M1/M2, iPhones, Android phones, personal audio devices, smartwatches! The Type C port can charge any iPhone and Pixel phone 50% in 30 mins and also supports Samsung Super Fast Charging. The Type A port individually can provide 18W of QC3.0 power perfect to charge compatible Android phones, personal audio devices and wearables.

The ChargeCube is a super compact and safe solution for all your charging needs. It measures only 10cm tall, 11cm wide and is compact in shape compared to traditional power strips. The cable connected to the ChargeCube is 1.5m long – making it an ideal replacement for tradtional extension cords and power strips. The ChargeCube is also BIS approved and is fitted with an Surge Protector with additional safety protocols to protect your connected devices from over voltage and short circuits.

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