Speed Unleashed: ADATA LEGEND 970 SSD Redefines Performance Standards

Speed Unleashed: ADATA LEGEND 970 SSD Redefines Performance Standards

In today's tech landscape, solid-state drives (SSDs) are the game-changers, revolutionizing how we experience computing. With exceptional speed, heightened reliability, and rapid data access, SSDs have become essential. Among the various SSDs available in the market, the ADATA LEGEND 970 SSD stands out as a top-tier option, designed to deliver a seamless and efficient computing experience. Crafted for seamless and efficient computing, it takes the lead in providing a superior user experience.

Key Highlights:

·       PCIe Gen5 x4 transmission interface

·       Up to 10,000/10,000MB/s sequential read/write speed

·       Dual-layer aluminum alloy and fan forms a patented active air cooling system

·       Compared with a fanless heat sink, temperatures significantly reduced by 10%

·       Surface crystallization improves thermal conductivity

·       Operates long-term without slowing down or crashing

·       2000GB capacity

·       Supports latest Intel and AMD platforms


Extraordinary Speed

The LEGEND 970 adopts the latest generation PCIe Gen5 x4 transmission interface and complies with the NVMe 2.0 standard to deliver amazing read and write capabilities. The LEGEND 970 also supports the latest Intel and AMD platforms. Whether in dynamic or static output, it always provides full performance.

Unreal Performance

Complete every task in moments. The LEGEND 970 has a sequential read/write speed of 10,000/10,000MB per second, double the speed of PCIe Gen4 SSDs and 6 times faster than Gen3 SSDs, and is fully backward compatible with PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 platforms.

Experts of Patented Heat Dissipation

When high efficiency is required, leave it to the professionals! The LEGEND 970 adopts dual-layer extruded aluminum fins to create a dense air duct to divert hot and cold air. When heat is conducted upward, a built-in micro fan is used to remove thermal energy. This unique "active heat dissipation" design delivers significantly cooler temperatures than a fanless heatsink by 10%.

Surface Crystallization Improve Heat Dissipation

The LEGEND 970's aluminum alloy fins are treated with surface crystallization, which utilizes its physical properties to increase the overall air contact area and maximize the effectiveness of its air cooling system.

High Quality Memory Components

Strict selection of 232-layer 3D flash memory gives the LEGEND 970 a capacity of up to 2000GB and it utilizes a variety of data protection and correction technologies to increase total bytes written (TBW) and durability to meet various high-load requirements.

Superior Technology

LEGEND 970 leverages the advantages of a SLC cache algorithm and DRAM Cache Buffer while featuring 4K random read/write IOPS up to 1,400K/1,400K, further improving the efficiency of multi-file processing. The LEGEND 970 also adopts a LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) error correction mechanism and AES 256-bit high-level encryption technology to ensure the accuracy of data transmission and the security of files.

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