Rapture Introduces All-new Sonic Lamb Headphones

Rapture Introduces All-new Sonic Lamb Headphones

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd is delighted to announce the official launch of Sonic Lamb Headphones, setting a new standard in audio technology and headphone experience.

With Sonic Lamb headphones, you do not just HEAR the music. You literally FEEL it. 

Sonic Lamb is designed not only to deliver music to the ears but to envelop the listener in a symphony of sound that one can truly feel, course through their body, all thanks to the world’s first and patented ‘Hybrid Driver Technology’. Get ready to experience high fidelity and fully immersive sound akin to live music or on a HiFi system.

Bridging The Gap In Headphone Audio Experience

Sound is not just auditory, it is also a physical experience as we don’t just hear but also feel sound through our body which is mainly the low frequency sound commonly known as bass. Hi-fi systems use a Subwoofer to reproduce this sound that adds to life-like and immersive sound experience. However, headphones since their invention lack the technology to reproduce this physical aspect of sound which compromises the audio experience.  It also limits their fidelity or immersion and thereby impacting their effectiveness for wide music genres and use-cases

Technology to FEEL the Sound

The patented Hybrid Driver Technology invented by the two founders Navajith & Jagath forms the foundation of Sonic Lamb—a headphone with technology to emulate a subwoofer which adds a brand new dimension to personal audio experience.

Sonic Lamb is technically and ideologically different from the conventional headphones that produce sound waves through air in each ear cup. Sonic Lamb with its patented Hybrid Driver Technology, combines traditional sound wave transmission for mid and high frequencies (vocals and instruments) with their proprietary Impulse driver for low frequency that translates audio signals into mechanical impulse.

These impulses are transferred from the specially designed ear pads, called Wooferpads. It emulates a full-range driver and a subwoofer akin to a hi-fi system by harnessing a combination of air, bone, and skin conduction to deliver a new dimension to experiencing music and entertainment on headphones. 

With this technology, Sonic Lamb headphones deliver high- fidelity, fully immersive, personalized audio experience, and a powerful bass response without listening fatigue.

 On the occasion, Jagath Biddappa, Co-Founder and CTO of Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd., said, "Sonic Lamb's launch is a dream realized. Our Hybrid Driver Acoustics is a game-changing breakthrough, blending hearing and feeling music, adding a new dimension to personal audio experience. It's a homegrown product that will transform how music and headphone lover experience sound across the world."

Functions & Features

Sonic Lamb is designed to be perfect audio companion for all of one's Home entertainment and audio activities without compromise, delivering what they call ‘An Eargasmic Experience’ - the ultimate listening experience and pleasure to the ears. The phrase stands for the brand promise and its commitment to deliver its audience nothing short of a euphoric and superlative sound experience. To ensure a no compromise experience for audio aficionados, these headphones offer only passive noise cancellation.

For optimum audio performance across user's varied needs and music preferences, Sonic Lamb headphones come with Multimode dial which offers four distinct modes for audio personalization: 

·       HEAR – For balanced sound signature with the full range driver is in action while the subwoofer just purrs. Ideal for soft music like instrumental and classical along with use cases like audio books, podcasts as well as calls and meetings.

·       FEEL – A mode great for wide genre of music where the subwoofer kicks in to allow users to feel every beat in the music

·       IMMERSE – A mode where the sub-woofer makes a strong presence for bass heads and great for bass heavy genres like EDM, Trance, Hip hop, Rap and the likes

·       BEAST – A mode to experience rumble and gunshots that otherwise is not reproduced by headphones for an ultimate cinematic and gaming experience.

The controls sit on the right earcup to allow for easy control, empowering users to tailor and optimize their sound experience based on their use case - listening to music, hearing podcast or audio books, attending calls or meetings and immersed in movies or playing games.

Sonic Lamb Headphones feature: 

·       Digital Audio Interface that simultaneously allows charging and a high-resolution wired audio connection for studio-grade audio streaming at 24-bit, 96kHz. Playback quality remains consistent across all devices, delivering an uncompromised audio experience

·       Multipoint connectivity, allowing users to connect Sonic Lamb to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

·       Two internal microphones for clear communication

·       Detachable boom microphone for gaming enthusiasts and professionals for improved voice communication.

·       Sonic Lamb App further personalizes the headphones for an optimized listening experience. A unique two-minute hearing test enables custom-tuned sound profiles based on individual’s hearing sensitivity.

Navajith Karkera, Co-Founder and CEO of Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd., said, "We're excited to present Sonic Lamb Headphones, a culmination of innovation, passion and perseverance of 4 years reshaping personal audio experience. I'm proud of my team's dedication and grateful of everyone who supported us towards building world class product in India, putting our nation on the map for premium audio devices. Sonic Lamb is set to revolutionize music and entertainment globally, offering a new way of experiencing sound on headphones like never before. "

Sonic Lamb will be available for purchase on www.soniclamb.com in three appealing colors: Obsidian Black, Ember Gray, Moonstone White, priced at ₹19,999/- the first 1000 customers can buy it at the inaugural price of ₹15,999.

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