Lenovo Unveils All-New Tab P12 with Big Display

Lenovo Unveils All-New Tab P12 with Big Display

Lenovo announced the launch of its latest Android™ powered consumer tablet, the Lenovo Tab P12. Engineered to meet the diverse demands of today’s dynamic consumers, this device offers immersive entertainment and productivity and elevates personal experiences.

The Lenovo Tab P12 emerges as the ultimate companion for high school, college students and working professionals. Its large display serves as a canvas for video streaming and web browsing while delivering a richer, multidimensional audio-visual experience. The large display can be split into 4 screens for multitasking—taking notes for an online class or viewing a document, while a specialized reading mode and eye care feature support long, immersive study sessions.

Sumati Sahgal, Head of Tablets and Smart Devices, Lenovo India said"Today's tablet users are demanding more from their devices. They want premium tablets with high-resolution displays and powerful performance. Our new Tab P12 is designed to meet those needs. It's a versatile tablet that can be used for work, play, and everything in between. We believe it will resonate with students, professionals, and anyone who wants a dynamic device that adapts to their lifestyle."

Jagjeet Harode, Vice President - Electronics, Appliances and Private Brands at Flipkart said “As a homegrown e-commerce platform, we are at the forefront of fulfilling the evolving needs of Indian customers. This collaboration reflects our dedication to enhancing digital experiences and introducing the latest technology to our customers. Moreover, our shared values of innovation and quality resonate, reinforcing our commitment to providing customers with exceptional electronic products.”

A Source of Entertainment and Personal Enrichment

The tablet's expensive 12.7-inch LCD display has a breathtaking 3K resolution, which offers 50% more-pixel density than FHD display, thereby rendering it ideal for streaming, creative endeavors, and light gaming. The tablet incorporates a quad JBL speaker system and Dolby Atmos support for an immersive and multi-dimensional audio experience. With a 10,200 mAh battery and up to 8GB RAM powered by an octa-core processor, this tablet is built for quick and smooth operations.

A Source of Inspiration and Learning

For precise notetaking, diagramming, or PDF annotation, the Lenovo Tab P12 comes with the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus, an intuitive stylus that harmonizes effortlessly with the Nebo® and MyScript Calculator 2 apps. The tablet can transform into a wireless drawing pad for Windows PCs using Lenovo Freestyle, and it can also switch from entertainment to productivity by snapping on its ThinkPad-inspired keyboard for typing.

The tablet's advanced multitasking capabilities empower users to simultaneously access four apps in split-screen mode and manage up to five floating windows. For avid readers, the tablet's reading mode coupled with background music and eye care features, guarantees an immersive and comfortable reading experience. The ultra-wide 13MP front camera enhances online video calls and classes, while the tablet's sleek and lightweight design ensures effortless portability across campus.

The Tab P12 starts at INR 34,999. It is available on Lenovo.com and Flipkart.com with limited period special offers.

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